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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Revision, and Winter Readers

So here I sit....no, I better not start this post that way because there's an old poem I have heard that starts that way LOL

SOO--Today was yet another day out for me. I'm beginning to wonder if my kiddos will know who I am when I return.  I haven't seen them since December 9th!! I know, right?  As much as I LOVE my snow days---I"m kinda ready to get back to it!  YIKES! Did that just come out of my mouth?  I guess I love my job! ;)

I took some time the past few days and I revised my old S'mores pack.  This pack was a favorite of my firsties last year.  My son saw me working on it and  said hey is that the S'mores game we played last year.  I loved that game!  (He was referring to the On Fire Math Game that is in this set.  
Here's a Preview pic.

I truly do love this new revision.
It hits several common core standards working with addition facts, part/part/whole, a graphing activity, hundred puzzle activities and place value activities.  The activities in the set can be used as task cards, or to play Scoot (directions included).  Those of you who have purchased, be sure to download this new set.  I LOVE it!! 

For everyone else,  you can see it on TpT (I have it on sale til tomorrow-1/8/13).
Click the image below to check it out.

So tomorrow (or whenever we have school again) I thought I'd ease back into reading groups with these little readers.  I have differentiated the instruction creating 3 sets.

With the Read and Write Readers, students will write the missing word from the story and then illustrate the sentence (or word) read.

With Read and Color readers, students will read the stories (using graphics to assist) and then color the pictures.

Finally in the last version, Cut and Paste, students will read the story and determine the missing word.  They will then cut and glue the word and draw the picture to match.

I am excited to use these readers and I want to share them with you for FREE!

You can click on the image below to grab them from TpT.  
Please be kind and leave feedback if this is a product you can use.
I also don't hate blog comments...it seems it's kinda lonely over here but booming some days on FB.  Guess that's just easier! ;)



  1. I don't teach first grade, but I do use some of your products with my lower groups. I love that you are so generous and willing to share things free and at a discount often.

  2. Can't wait to use these next week with my groups :) Thank you so much, love them!

  3. Thanks so much! I just love your things.

  4. We don't have snow but I think my kiddos love your little books. Thanks and stay warm.

  5. Love the differentiation! My kiddos will love these! Thank you!

  6. Your Winter storybooks are so cute! I know my group will love creating their own book. Thanks so much for sharing!

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