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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Valentine's Day Love!!

February is one of those mushy, gushy months.  And ya know-----I'm a mushy, gushy girl!   I mean there's something about reds and pinks and little hearts that make me so happy.  Not to mention the sweet smell of roses, chocolate covered strawberries, candlelit dinners.  I totally buy into the commercialism of Valentine's.  My poor husband, right?   It's totally a girl thing--I get it.  Though when my hubby and I were dating, he didn't turn down the romantic gift of video games I gave him! Or the homemade goodies---now that I think about it---he's totally digging this Valentine's thing too!

Well my friend Ashley, The Teacher's Treasure Chest, told me she liked my Sentence Puzzles...
Sentence Puzzles Workstation
..And casually mentioned that she'd love to see a seasonal version.

Hmm....Seasonal---Holiday--Valentine's---see where my head is going here?

How does it work?

The teacher will choose which version of the puzzles is best suited for the classroom.
There are two to choose from.
 One set uses capitals/punctuation and the other set has it missing.

The puzzles will be cut apart along the dotted line, and place the pieces in a baggie for each puzzle.
*I suggest labeling each set with a colored dot and then also place a dot on the bag.  This helps keep matching sets together and easier for students when cleaning up.

Then choose the recording sheet you would like for your students to use. 
This is a basic skill sheet.  Students will just copy the sentence in their best handwriting.
This page is an extension of the puzzle sentence.  
Students will create a story using the puzzle sentence as their story starter.
These are the other types of recording sheets in the pack.  These sheets model the puzzles that they will assemble.  There is a set for each puzzle in the pack. 

So---as I was saying--I LOVE Valentine's Day.
I would like to share these with you.
All I ask in return is that you are kind enough to leave MEANINGFUL feedback.

Allow me to demonstrate:
Oh, this is just FABULOUS!  I love the graphics and the time you put into this.  
Thank you for making this free!


This will really help my students as they are still struggling with proper sentence editing.
Thank you for creating these.

Heck, copy and paste! I don't care LOL---but it's discouraging to see that there are so many 
downloads on products and feedback isn't left.  I know, time is valuable.  So is mine--and I would love to create more freebies for you, but those comments really cheer me on to continue doing so! :)

If you made it this far, you are probably still wanting that freebie, huh?
Well, you can click on the image preview below to hop over to TpT to grab it!
Remember, please leave feedback! ;)
Valentine's Puzzles

OHH--if you're still reading---if you like this set,  you may want to check my other one.
Click the image to see it on TpT.


  1. You are funny! Thanks for the freebie; am about to go and leave meaningful feedback. Lol! You have a rockin' Valentines Day!

  2. This is perfect for the next 2 weeks! Thank you so much!

  3. I love that you included differentiated activities in this pack! This will be great to use with all of my kiddos on their levels! I also left you feedback on TpT...thanks again! :)


  4. My class loved these! We used the versions without capitals and full stops as it fitted perfectly with our sentence targets at the moment. Thanks!

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