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Monday, April 7, 2014

-AR Goes the Pirate! (A Freebie)

I've always liked the Bossy R---ar and or (I can skip er, ir, and ur---those are hard!).  
The kids like being a pirate as they practice the -ar chunk.    
They like listening to Heidi's class sing.

They like the phonics dance!
(Though we say "stick your head in a jelly jar--it's silly, we like that!)

We like the -ar song on Between the Lions.

To add to our excitement tomorrow, I'm going to have my students work on this little activity.

They will use a paperclip to create a spinner.
*Note, I have also found that small binder clips are WONDERFUL for spinner games. 
Then they will find a word that is within that word family, read it and color it.
What a fun little way to get them reading and practicing the -ar sound!
I'm so excited to share it with them tomorrow--and you right now!! 
Just click the image above!! :)

**Check back tomorrow because if time allows for me to create an -ar station for small group/partners, there will be another freebie for you!!


  1. Love it! I was wondering if it could also be a partner "tic-tac-toe" or simply "four in a row" word work game........

  2. We love Phonics Dance! Love the freebie! Thank you!
    Rowdy in First Grade

  3. Thanks! We are on Spring Break this week but will be teaching r-controlled when we get back.

  4. What great stuff. I have pinned your post to my phonics board so I can find it next year. Thanks for all the great freebies.


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