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Monday, June 23, 2014

Riddle Me This

My students really enjoyed working on riddles last year. 
I used riddles from the pack below during small group time.
Riddle Me This
It focuses on CVC and CVCe words.

Since I will be working with some of the same kiddos next year, I thought I should extend this activity to other skills they need to work on. 

That brings me to our new set.
More Riddle Me This

I introduce the phonics packs with skills that we have worked on to get them 
familiar with the riddle pages. 
Here's a sample page of one I shared on FB.

This set has two first grade skills (verbs and compound words), as well as,
 phonics skills of blends and digraphs (both beginning and ending).

The pages are differentiated.  
Here is a sample set of all three pages so you can see the levels of difficulty. 

On the first page of each skill, the word is spelled for the student under the picture. 

 The next level has the words and pictures separated. 

The last page of the sequence has eliminated the words.  

These were designed to help my students with spelling, as well as, proving a fun activity for reading.
If you would like to try the sample pages, click below. 
More Riddle Me This Sample


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