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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer and Review

We, as teachers, know the importance of reviewing with our children.  My son doesn't realize how lucky he is that mommy is prepping him for that silly state test he has to take next year.  I truly believe he will do well, but he is NOT wanting to do school work at all.  I don't blame him.  I was a kid once....many years ago...but I was a kid.  I think that's hard for him to believe. ;)

He thinks he's supposed to stay in PJs, fix breakfast, play on the computer, watch a little TV, play on the Wii or Playstation, eat an early lunch, put on swimming trunks, swim for a little bit, come back in, shower, eat, and repeat.  Sounds like a plan--but no. I've told him to get up, make the bed, get dressed, eat breakfast--you know all the "grown up things."  Now he goes to bed at night and says "Are we going anywhere?"  Because if not---he seems to think it's silly to get out of PJs if he is going to be swimming later.  Maybe he thinks he's saving on the laundry...I don't know?

Anyway--I've been working with him--but then my friend, a K teacher, asked if I'd help her son
that's going into 2nd grade.  (What is it with teachers and making their kids work, right?)
Her son is bright, but she wanted to make sure he understood regrouping before going into 2nd grade.  I began tutoring him.  The first day I quizzed and assessed.  He knew his math facts.  We reviewed counting by 10s from any number (4, 14, 24, 34, etc). 

We worked on adding sets of tens to a number in picture form, using a hundred chart,
 mental math, etc.  Then we went to regrouping.  He did great.

I just wanted to share a few things that we worked on.
Because this was for tutoring, it's a very small sample.  

His mom stayed with me as I worked with him.  
She enjoyed the lesson, I think.  

*Side note, I had an interview this same day.  She told me I should've taped the lesson 
to show at my interview.  I didn't, of course.  But I did take a sample of this with me in my portfolio. 
The principal took it out of the sheet protectors and asked questions about how to use it.
I think that was a good thing that he was interested. :)  Plus side, it even had student work on it because I literally took the same things we were working on for tutoring.  I explained that to the principal too.  I hope that's a good thing? ;)

As we were finishing up our lesson for the day, I showed him that he could do his own math problems at home just using what he had around the house.  

* Using dice, roll two dice and create a two-digit number. 
(Let's say we roll a 5 and a 6.  We can make 56 or 65.  Either number is fine.)
Write the number down.  Repeat.
Add the two numbers together.

*Using a deck of cards, flip over two and create a two-digit number.
(The Kings, Queens and Jacks can be removed OR you can count them as a ten for higher level thinking.  Aces are worth one. If you flip over a 4 and a 9, you can create 49 or 94.)
Write the number down.  Repeat.
Add the two numbers together.

*Using a set of dominoes, choose a domino and create a two-digit number.
(For example, you draw a domino that has a 6 on one side and a 1 on the other.  
You can create the number 61 or 16.)
Write the number down.  Repeat.
Add the two numbers together.

This provides practice for the student on writing the math problems 
and aligning them in the tens and ones place. 

If you're interested in the activities above, the center type games, you can click on the image below.
Summer Fun and Review
Thanks to Melonheadz, Maree Trulove, and the Bubbly Blonde 
for the cute graphics in this little freebie.  

*The cover pic is my own little guy---goodness, he's not so little anymore. 
Where does the time go?

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