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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Guided Reading and Intervention with Freebies! :)

My Classroom Door! (Perhaps more pictures to come at a later date!)
For those of you that weren't aware, I changed jobs this year. I am now a Title One Reading and Math Teacher for grades K-3.  It is definitely a change, but I feel that it is a positive one in my life.  I have to admit, I was sad at Open House when I didn't have a new group of kiddos to come see me.  However, my old littles stopped in and gave me hugs and I'm a familiar face to some kiddos in other grades that I work with, so that is making me feel special of course! :)

I haven't had a chance to take a lot of pictures with what I'm doing in class.  I've been busy collecting data, doing running records, checking sight words, helping with AR testing, working with some AIMS assessments, assisting Kindergarten (God bless you Kindergarten teachers!).  I was starting to see data points in my sleep.  Luckily that is over and I've been able to get some kiddos in my room and we've been working hard.

First, here's a snapshot of my day:

 Here's what the third grade group is working on.

This is a Soar to Success book, but I created work for our group based off the skills I saw in the book.
 *SO thankful that hubby drives so I can plan in the car...we lead a busy life in this household!

Seeing how I've never taught 3rd grade, I wasn't quite sure which direction to go when planning my lessons, what phonics skills they still needed, what reading skills they needed to practice, etc...so I just pretended to know what I was doing.  :)

First, I LOVE this story, so that helped. After rereading the story to myself, I went through and checked out the skills I felt I could tie into the book.

Then I created a little packet for each kiddo.

 If any of this looks like things you could use with your students,
 please click HERE to download your Freebie set.

With my 2nd graders, unfortunately we are working on beginning first grade skills.
This is a snapshot of some of the things we are working on this week.
These are the "popcorn" words we are working on for intro/review.

We talked about why I chose to use popcorn pictures on their cards, and how sight words keep popping up in books they read.  I explained how it is important that they practice those words daily at home as well. Then, I made little booklets with their sight words to practice writing the word, and using it in a sentence.  Here is an example using the word come.

 We used sight word stories from the Pre-Primer Dolch packet, and I gave them a sight word to practice from the pack as well. This was something they could do at home on their own as well.  Many don't have the support that they need.

And what's all this practice without a little more fun?
How about a spinner game? :)

If you like the game and flashcards, you can click HERE
If you like the sight word cut ups and sentences you can click HERE

My kindergarten group will be working on some visual recognition activities.
You can see it more in detail on TpT. 
Here's a preview pic. 

You can download a sample in the preview. 
Click HERE to be redirected to TpT.

 I hope to have more resources, samples and freebies as this year gets a rollin'....for now, I hope you enjoy the ones I've shared! :)  
Have a happy week!!


  1. I love your readers are leaders door! So cute!
    Rambling About Reading

  2. I moved to title also about 6 years ago and have loved it!! It is a tricky transition but once you are in the groove....the kids beg to come with you! :)

  3. Could you share where your graphic for your door is from? I love it!

    1. It's Melonheadz. So cute! https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Library-bundle-by-melonheadz-540541

  4. I absolutely love your door! How did you print it so large?


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