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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Copy Woes

I have these fun little games that I won from First Grade Blue Skies!

And it just so happened that we were working on double facts......
And there were two double games in the pack that would work out perfectly for us....
But...you know how it goes with school and copiers...

I tried to fix it...
 But it didn't help.  
So I had to improvise.

A dry erase board, a dry erase marker, a paper towel (keep forgetting my erasers/socks) dice and an egg carton quickly created my afternoon for my first and second graders.

For my first graders, we tossed placed one die inside the egg carton, closed it up and shook.
I actually sang a little song

"Shake, shake, shake-----Shake, shake, shake---shake your carton!"
(Yes it TOTALLY went to Shake your Groove thing!)
Then I said Freeze!
Students had to open up their egg carton and create a double fact for the 
number that was facing them on the die, and write it on the dry erase board.
Then we repeated the activity.
 I like the little teeth on the 2! :)

*I didn't put anything in the carton--no writing, no dots--it was left plain.
I just added a die cube.

This was an "EGGS-ellent" (HA! I kill me with my humor!)  activity.
The students were engaged, the doubles facts were being drilled--and they didn't even know it!

That same day the copier was out, I had to quickly come up with a different activity for my 2nd graders.  We have had several days with hands on activities, dry erase activities, and now I was ready for paper-pencil activity, but the copier felt differently.  
 SOOO---Build on the first grade activity, right? 
For this group, we added two dice, shook in the same manner, 
but they had to create a two digit number.
For example, if the number 2 and 3 were turned up, students could create 23 or 32.
Then they shook again, created another 2-digit number and added them together.
We have been working on 2-digit addition with and without regrouping, and they really enjoyed this activity.  We extended it by adding 3 2-digit numbers.  Writing their math problems down also helped with lining up the tens and ones, something I've noticed that they sometimes struggle with.

I'm hoping that I can come up with a few more egg carton dice games because it is fun for the students, AND it is a quick CHEAP activity that I can share with parents.  

Now, I'm looking forward to using Jennifer's games for review of doubles facts for my firsties! :)
The little foldables below help provide a quick check when playing games too.
To use the foldables, print them.
Fold on the solid line in the middle.  Cut across the thin black line to the fold. Repeat on all sections.
Students write the answer under the flap.
Then they can color their foldable. 
Click the image below to grab yours.
 Doubles Foldable Freebie-First Grade and FabulousDoubles Foldable Freebie-First Grade and Fabulous

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  1. Thank you for the freebie! I am also going to use the shake shake shake song!!! I love it!


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