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Monday, November 17, 2014

Old Lady Swallowed a Pie Literacy Activities

Can I just say that I love all the Old Lady Stories?  
 It's a known fact that I love rhyming books in general.  
They are just so fun to read! 
Okay---moving on...
This week we will be working with this story:

Don't have the story?  Listen to it on YouTube.

Gotta love the Old lady who swallowed a Pie!
In fact, so much that I created a little Mini-Unit.
Old Lady Swallowed a Pie-First Grade and Fabulous

Here are the activities that I've included in the pack.
First, it is aligned for K-1 (and 2ndish) for Common Core.
If you click the picture above, it will show you the list of standards you could teach with this unit.

It is also differentiated with activities and recording sheets.

Vocabulary cards are included:
This can be used in the pocket chart as a prereading activity.
The cards could also be used as a matching game for your higher students.

Story pictures--this is important because all of the work that I made for this unit uses
these pictures over and over.  I am placing mine in a pocket chart.
There are story sequence activities. 
These cards will be great with magnets and placed on the board as we read the story.
Then used again as we retell the story.
 There are other sequencing activities included too.
This activity sequences the foods she ate. 
 What I did with the old lady head was to make a Feed Me box.
I knew me dieting was a good thing---and now I can recycle my trash too.
I used this box and cut out the old lady's mouth and a section of the box.
*Side note: if you ever wanna purchase Advocare--hit me up!--we can talk! 

Students will feed the picture cards to the old lady.

There is a smaller version with the foods already sequenced for younger learners.
They can color and use the slider to help retell the story.
Sorry for this image--it was my Instagram photo--but I just had to share her--I think she's GREAT!

There are Read and Write the room activities with variations to assist with differentiation.
Students may just be writing the word, finding words with beginning sounds, or reading/answering riddles--all using the same story vocabulary cards.

Rhyme Time Pies--Students will put the rhyming pictures together to build a pie.

I took the sight word vocabulary out of the story and created a roll and write game and a Bump Game.  The Bump Game is pictured below.

There are writing activities and stories included as well.
Here's an overview picture--Click on the image to be redirected to TpT
There's a comprehension freebie in the preview.
Old Lady Swallowed a Pie-First Grade and Fabulous

And now hopefully there won't be another snow day--WAIT--what am I saying????
Well, whatever the case, I'm ready for my kiddos!

Since I'm a Last Minute Lucy----Would you like to win yourself a copy of this unit?
Leave me a comment AND your email address.
 I will choose someone tomorrow evening when I come home!


  1. This looks amazing!!! My kids would love it!!!

  2. Looove it! ahenry4443ah@gmail.com

  3. I am new to first grade and would love to win this package so I can get on the Old Lady Craze! joMitchell2020@gmail.com

  4. Would love a copy! I just requested this book from our school library to read with my firsties before Thanksgiving. amoser@cusd15.org Thanks a bunch!!

  5. I love all of your products! Thank you for the chance to win this.

  6. The Old Lady books are some of my favorites and your product looks like so much fun!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh my god. There are AMAZING!! I would love a copy. I am ready to teach this story to my little children!

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