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Monday, December 1, 2014

12 Days of Christmas---Teacher Style Linky Party

Hey friends.  I'm so excited for Christmas.  It is one of my FAVORITE holidays.  The music, the decorating, the giving, the baking...oh my the BAKING!!  Yes!! 

Christmas is always such a busy time of year as well. 
Between the festivities, work, and your own household chores it can be a challenge to stay afloat. 
That's why I bring you the 12 Days of Christmas--Teacher Style.
I want to be able to help make your December more enjoyable.
So let's start with a sight word freebie for Day 1.

This little sight word game reviews pre-primer dolch words.
Some of those words my kiddos are still struggling with and this game is just the right reinforcement for my small group intervention students. 

This game is minimal teacher prep.  
You will need to print and laminate.  
You will also need to cut apart the black/white cards and picture.
*I recommend printing the black/white versions on bright colored card stock.

Then to play:
Students will each get a game board.  
(There are three different boards in the freebie, 
but you can play with up to 6 students just by making an extra set of boards and cards.)

The word cards will be put face down in a pile. 
These are the word cards I recommend copying on bright colored card stock.
These cards will need to be cut apart and then used to create a draw pile for students.

On their turn, students will draw a card, and read it.  If it matches a word on their board, they place it on top.  If not, it goes back into the pile.  (Other game alternatives are listed in the download.)
BUT, if they draw a Santa piece, it goes on Santa's game board.

 They are to try to get their game board filled before their group (OR Santa) is finished.

My students really liked the Race the Rabbit game with silent e words last year.
You can click HERE to see it. 
So I am excited to play this with my kiddos this week!

You can click on the image below to grab your own copy of Racing Santa.
 Racing Sight Sight Word Game Freebie-First Grade and Fabulous

 If you're a blogger, please link up.
Here's how:
1) Grab the image for the 12 Days of Christmas and link back to this post so that others can find it! :)
2) Write a post and leave a freebie.
It can be an old freebie, a holiday themed freebie, winter freebie--
but you get the point--it needs to be an ALWAYS freebie please.

3) Come back to this post and share your link to your post.  
Your immediate link to the freebie post itself--not just blog link.

I hope everyone has fun with this linky party!! 
Please be kind and leave some love for those that are linking up and sharing their hard work.
Enjoy--and let the holiday season begin! :)


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