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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Freebie---You've Been Elfed

Hey friends.  I've been having fun with my family doing little random acts of kindness as we count down to Christmas.  I thought it was time I bring it into school.  

See, I don't have a contained classroom anymore.
I thought PERFECT! I can start the RAKs around the building.
So, I am!  

Here's what I did. 

Just a simple treat---candy canes, Keebler ELF cookies, and a bag of chocolate chip cookies.
SOOO..not healthy, but ahh--it's the holidays! :)

Since I have two mentor teachers this year, I decided to start it off in both of their rooms.
I will drop them off when they are all out (at restroom, at recess, at specials).
I will RUN so I don't get caught and pray they don't read my blog. ;)

Then they can pass it on to just one person as well. 
I think this will get all of our classes taken care of before the holidays.
If not, I will have to elf a few more rooms! :)

If you'd like your own copy, click below.
It's a corny original poem, but it does the trick.
Enjoy! :)

We've Been Efled---Freebie--First Grade and Fabulous
I have included it in both colored and black/white.
 I would like to think Creative Clips for the cute little graphics on the page!

One more week of Freebies from Me Coming your way!
I do hope you're enjoying! :)

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