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Friday, December 5, 2014

Day 5-Christmas Freebies

I am a last minuter.  It's not that I wait until last minute.  It's that I just feel I can't catch up.  Between home life and school life, it is so hard to find a balance. 

Or perhaps I'm a *TAD* A.D.D.
and a bit Anal Retentive
and perhaps O.C.D.
**Though I've not been diagnosed, I truly feel I fit so I'm not taking those acronyms lightly.

Or perhaps I feel guilty...
if I'm working on school stuff, I feel I'm neglecting my family
and if I'm with my family, I feel I'm neglecting my school stuff.
It's a never ending battle, and a hard balance to find.

Sometimes being a last minuter allows me to reshare past freebies, because
I'm sure all of you Plan ahead! :)
Last year, when I was home with Connor during December due to his tonsils, I worked on a few things for my sub to do with my kiddos.

I created a little Bingo game for their Christmas Party.
I loved it---but they didn't get a chance to play it.
So, I'm hoping your class gets a chance.

It's called Christmas-4-in-a-Row.
Christmas-4-in-a-row Freebie---First Grade and Fabulous
 Students get to create their own game board 
with Christmas icons.  Then it's played in Bingo style.

You can click the image above to grab a copy.

Want to join in the freebie giveaways?
Feel free to link up.

Here's how:
1 ) Grab the image for the 12 Days of Christmas and link back to this post so that others can find it! :)
2) Write a post and leave a freebie.
It can be an old freebie, a holiday themed freebie, winter freebie--
but you get the point--it needs to be an ALWAYS freebie please.
3) Come back to this post and share your link to your post.  
Your immediate link to the freebie post itself--not just blog link.

I hope everyone has fun with this linky party!! 
Please be kind and leave some love for those that are linking up and sharing their hard work.


  1. It's been fun reading your posts and checking out your freebies. Thank you!!! :)

  2. I remember you posting this last year because my parent helpers had next to nothing planned and I needed something! We used this and the kids loved it!
    JD's Rockin' Readers

  3. It is very interesting. I love all the things you share and see your beautiful creation. Thank you for sharing with everyone.


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