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Monday, December 8, 2014

Winter World Holidays

You all know how much I LOVE Reading A-Z.  It is just the best!  I love being able to give my students a book, that they can keep.  One we can take notes in, highlight, underline, etc. 

AND---I like the variety of levels right there at my fingertips.

*Side note---I get discouraged seeing where other students are when I look into other classrooms via blogs.  My kiddos (not all, but a lot) are not where other students in other classrooms are.
AND it's not because I'm a Title Teacher now.  
They weren't there last year, or the year before.
I work hard.  My kids work hard. 
It's not that I don't challenge them.  
They just move at a different pace.
They make huge gains through the year, just at a different pace.

Which brings me back to this quote.

I felt I needed that little side note because then if I'm talking about an activity and it seems below level, that's because my kiddos are still working on getting caught up.  They will--but in their time! :)

Moving on--my Third Graders are working on a World Holiday book.
This book can be found on Reading A-Z.
My third grade group is new to me as my schedule was rearranged 
so that I could service more students.  I chose a book that was a bit below level for two reasons.
One, I didn't know what their level was, and two non-fiction is harder to read.
This book was a good fit for them for reading, but they struggled with comprehension.
We went back and located information, reread, discussed, reread some more.
Having them go back and REREAD is like pulling teeth. 
Soo, I thought why not review the vocabulary again with a game of Read and Write.
They aren't too big.  
This will be a great way to get them to go back and review the vocabulary word 
and REREAD the text.  
Friends...let me tell you...they struggled a bit with this.

*Mind you I've only had them for 2 days now, so we will get this problem fixed.
They enjoyed the activity.  They were up and moving.
It had them discussing their answers, rereading and PROVING their answer.

I tell them that reading is the only subject you can cheat in.
You can always go back and find your answer or find proof to help you determine your answer.

Here's my cute little group doing our Read and Write.

 If your class is studying World/Winter Holidays, or if you're using Reading A-Z, perhaps you'd like this freebie.  It's a Riddle Page for Write the Room.
Winter Holiday Freebie-First Grade and FabulousWinter Holiday Freebie-First Grade and Fabulous

Just click on the image above.  
Special thanks to Educlips for the cute Snowmen!! :)

The days of Christmas freebies countdown is dwindling down....
I hope you've enjoyed them! :)


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