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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

EASY Dollar Tree Sight Word Center

Is it just me, or does everyone else get excited when they drive past one of these stores?
Even on vacation, I want to stop at these wonderful places...but hubby says that I want to stop at EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.   Well, yeah!  They have different stuff at each one! True Story!

 I LOVE the Dollar Tree.  I have mentioned before that I would truly enjoy having a PD in the Dollar Tree, everyone grabbing a few odds and ends, and sharing ideas on how to use those at a workstation for kiddos.  I mean, I can't even go in there without having School Brain...
and it is SOOOO affordable for this teacher's budget! 
Today I'm going to share a few stations that crossed my mind this summer.  

Station Number 1) 
A Buggy Sight Word Center
 The above activity was made with these Dollar Tree products:
sand, magnifying glass, insects, plastic container

 How I made this center:

1) In a plastic tub, I placed the dirt/sand.  I used enough to cover the bottom.
I saw other tubs I liked better that were flatter, but they had holes in them...
that clearly wouldn't work with this activity! :)

2)  I wrote sight words on the bugs.  Several of the critters have a couple of sight words on each.

 3) Place the critter bugs in the tub.  Cover partially, or even completely so that students can dig for them.

 4) The tweezers came with the bug magnifying glass as seen above.  Students can work in their fine motors to pull bugs from the dirt.  **These tweezers may be difficult for some to use for the critter bugs.

5)Use the magnifying glass to find the sight words.
Students can practice writing the words on dry erase boards or paper.
Challenge higher students to use the words in a sentence as well.

If you liked this activity, check back tomorrow as I have a phonics activity using dowel rods (Walmart)
and pool noodles (Dollar Tree)!!  FUN FUN!

1 comment:

  1. when I read your blog, I often feel like we share a brain!! I tell you it is freaky! I am also a Dollar Tree addict. My hubby often says I need a Dollar tree intervention!


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