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Monday, January 4, 2016

Beware of the Yeti

Is everyone back in the swing of it?  I'm not and I even had an extra day to prepare myself.  
Our first day back is tomorrow, but we have an in-service.  
That means only 3 days with kids..surely I can handle that as a way to get back to it! 

Did anyone happen to download Waiting for Santa freebie last month?
Waiting for Santa
You can click HERE to save it for your files for next year. 

Well, my kiddos have enjoyed these little games, so I needed a new one for this week.

In this version, the students need to watch out for the Yeti.
If they find him, the game is over. :)
You can download your own copy by clicking HERE!

Also, all sight word Fluency Sets Pre-primer through Second are complete.
You can check them out HERE.

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