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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Comprehension, Fluency, and the Beginning Reader

As a Title Teacher, Comprehension and Fluency are a big struggle for my students.  
I am finding success with them retaining their sight words from the Fluency Reads.
We use these as a warm up.  I ask them questions after we've read it--simple comprehension questions.
I'm telling you...they still enjoy reading these and love moving on to a new set.

Last weekend, I decided to use those words that were previously taught 
and see if students could use them in cloze sentences. 
There's this one little guy that I've been working so hard with (I work hard with all of them of course) 
but this little guy is so far behind.  I want him to BE and FEEL successful!
So I came up with these:
Fun Phonics with Pre-primer Dolch Words

This is a pack of activities that includes phonics, handwriting, cloze exercises, and comprehension.
My kiddos loved these.  
We did one together on Monday during RTI.
They did one basically on his their on Tuesday--I was there for guidance.
Then I was able to send them back for them to use in their classroom for bell work.
They loved them.  
**NOTE:  One group struggled with the cloze sentences, but that is something that we will keep doing. 

This is what they look like:

Fun Phonics Sample

 Just click the image  if you would like to try it with your students.

I was pulled into a Kinder classroom to sub due to a shortage of teachers.
 Yikes...because one thing that scares me the most--
is Kinder--and Jr. High..and public speaking..

Okay--I have a lot of faults, but Kinder is still a bit out of my comfort zone.
But I thought what if I try to combine the things that I'm already doing with my students.
What if I I made a phonics version of the Fluency Reads?

So--I did:
CvC Read and Find
You can click above to see it on TpT.
I only did a short a pack for now, but after some of my kinder coworkers try it this week, and I try it with my kiddos, it may become a series I will need to continue with over vowels for now. :)
Also, if you are looking for phonics based fluency reads with comprehension..
Don't Forget the Reading Detective packs.   
There is something sure to hit all levels within these.
Check them out!
Click on the images below.
Reading Detective 1-CVC

Reading Detective 2: Digraphs

Reading Detective 3: Silent E

You can see more about how these were used in this post and grab a few freebies.  
Click HERE.
and HERE
and HERE
and HERE
Have a Super week! :)


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