Tuesday, January 26, 2016

First, I have to celebrate that I was able to hit my goal today--so I am able to sit and blog for a bit!
 YAY!  I'm mentally drained from school, physically drained from my exercise, and well--just tired because it is Tuesday.  Last week spoiled me y'all!  
Here is what last week looked like:
Monday:  off due to holiday
Tuesday:  2 hour delay due to weather
Wednesday:  a "normal" day (whatever that means in school terms)
Thursday:  2 hour delay due to weather
Friday:  early release due to weather

So, as you can see, getting back into the swing of it is tiring.  This is day 2 back to reality! 
And of course, I have kids involved in activities after school--
and can I say that we procrastinated on my son's book report project that is due Friday!
Just FYI--I will not be a teacher that assigns book report projects for home.  I'm so over them! lol

Okay, now I'm just rambling--so back on topic.

Yesterday, I had my little darlings working on a word sort.
I had them cut out the words.
They colored the ending pattern.
Then this discussion took place:  
Student-- "But Mrs. Davis, not all of these are the same."
Me--"What do you see?"
Student--"Well, they all have an a and silent e, but some have a d and a t and an m."
**Exactly....and that is where the sorting took off...I was just there. They are teaching themselves

It was AMAZEBALLS!!  Let me tell you.
I feel that the light came on, and they knew what they were doing.
And they say we lose things due to all those snow days!  ;)

This activity comes from my Reading Detectives Silent E pack.
Reading Detectives Silent E
 I only have my groups for about 17 minutes, so we finished our lesson today.
They read the words, and noted the word families.
They caught on to the words rhyming.  
WOOT WOOT--because that was a hard concept this fall.
When they realized they rhymed, the fluency was better!  YAY!  
I got this--They got this!  We are doing well! :)

Then, they had to name the houses.  BOOM!  They knew what to do!
They said well, this is the -ate, this is the -ame, and this is the -ade!
What!  I was so proud of them!! :)

Other groups of mine are working on other pages in this pack.
That's the great thing about this resource.  When I made it a few years ago, 
I differentiated the pages based on the abilities of  my homeroom.
That makes planning super easy for my groups this year! :)
 In the picture above, a student is working on a long a/silent e story.
How I use this in my small groups:
I read the story to them. 
They echo read it and listen for the long a words.
They highlight the words.  
We read it together again.
Finally, we answer the comprehension questions.
I am trying to teach them to write in complete sentences, but they are not fans of writing.
I am trying to teach them TTQA (turn the question around).
We underline key words to use in our sentence---
they may not be a fan, but they are improving their sentence structure and handwriting! :)

If you are interested in seeing any of the pages from the Reading Detective Silent E pack, 
you can click HERE to grab a sample or  HERE to read the reviews and see it on TpT.

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