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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Sight Words, Reading Fluency and Singing To Make It Stick

As we near the end of our school year, I have been given a few new kiddos to some of my reading groups.  Part of me is sad to see the kiddos that I've been working with go--but yet, I'm happy that they "graduated" from me too. Then I get a new feeling like--OH MY GOSH!  I only have a little over 30 days to get this new group of kiddos up to par.  AND---with Spring in the Air, it is so hard for me  my littles to stay focused! 

I decided to go back to old school me, and pull out some of our songs to help us remember our sight words/spelling words.  The songs I used to use as a classroom teacher. 

Let me tell you, I have the best singing voice EVER too! HA!
But it really doesn't matter to my kiddos because they seem to be loving it!
AND--it's working.
Let me tell you what we're doing.... 

I assessed the new groups last week on reading levels, and sight words.
With some of my new groupings, interventions were changed around where 
the really below level kiddos are working with me 1-1.  
(This is where I wished I had been trained in Reading Recovery.
The teacher in Title before me was, and I feel I learned a great deal from her--
and she was AMAZEBALLS!)

I had to get back out the pre-primer sight word stories for the new 1-1 kiddos.


I used the sight word check sheet to see which words were unknown.
I isolated the word and used letter tiles to spell it.
I read it to the student and had the student echo me.
I had the student write the word on the table with their fingerpad. 
 (There is more feeling in the pad than the tip/nail.)

We read the word again and spelled it aloud, and repeated this 2x.
I sang it to the student using the songs you will find HERE.
(*Laminate, hole punch, and place on a ring for quick access)
Then the student sang it back with me, and we did mix/fix with the word.
Each 1-1 student was able to do this at this point, but then I wanted to take the word back to text.
I found the read with the word we are practicing (I know them by heart lol)
and asked them how many times that word appeared.  
They counted them up, put rings around the words, etc..and then we read the fluency read.
I did this for 2-3 unknown words each day as our warm-up before working on our story.

Here's what I feel is good news.  I had one student go from knowing 78% to 100% of the preprimer list and another go from knowing 58% of the pre-primer words to 82% since Friday!  SAY WHAT!?

This routine isn't as easy when I have a full group, so I find a few words that the students have in common that they've missed, and we work it the same way in our warm-up.  So far it's working. :)

If you want a copy of the song names, click the image below. :)







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