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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fry Words----Games and some Freebies

If you have been following my blog for a while, you know that I swear by the Fluency Reads in helping my students gain their sight word knowledge.  They have become a favorite for my struggling readers to read, and we use them often as our daily warm up. 
 I have them choose their favorite to read to me.  THEN, they get to pick one for a friend at the table to read.  They try to find the hardest one they can, the one with the most words, and just giggle when they hand it to their friend to read aloud to me.   They really do enjoy these little stories and feel successful when they read them.  They have even begged to take them home.  Who am I to argue?  Of course you can have a copy to take home with you to practice!  WINNER WINNER! :)

If you are interested in these for your classroom, you can check them out by clicking one of the images below.  I have them available in Fry, Dolch, and a Bundled Set of the two.  The stories do NOT overlap within each other, even when both the Fry and Dolch words are the same.  I wanted added practice for my students, so even though we have adopted Fry Words this year, I can use both the Dolch that I used previously, and the Fry Word Set.  

Fry Fluency ReadsDolch Fluency ReadsHigh Frequency Words Fluency Reads

We do other things with our sight words to throughout the week.  
One game that they have really enjoyed throughout this month is "Eye Spy." 
It's a Freebie that I've shared over on TpT.
You can find it by clicking on the image below.
Eye Spy--A Sight Word Freebie
While you're there, maybe you would like to click the "Follow Me" 
so you don't miss out on sales and freebies that I post in the store! :)

My groups really have some reading deficits, and their ability to stay focused  is not for a long period of time.
I try to find different ways, and strategies to help keep them engaged, entertained, and learning.  
Sometimes, that is a very difficult task.  
Luckily for me, games have helped keep them motivated.

These Roll and Read Games are a must have.
Roll and Read Games
They are also a great warm up for my groups.
I simply copied them back to back.
I flipped them so that one side was "upside down" when flipped.  
This helped when putting them into binders.  Then when the page was flipped in the binder, the fluency reads all remained the same way and the binder doesn't have to be twisted 100 different times.

While taking about games and motivations, last week I posted my take on the Eagle Eye Strategy.
Oh how I wished this would have been an evaluation lesson that my principal would have watched
 as I feel it went REALLY well.   The kids were still talking about it throughout the week.  You can read the lesson and grab the lesson freebies by clicking the image below. 
Eagle Eye Strategy

I'm going to leave you with one more game freebie.  
My kiddos, as I said, have some various needs.
I am always looking for ways to keep up motivation, comprehension, reading, etc.
Honestly, friends, I struggle many times.
I think it's because even though I'm a Title teacher (bubble kiddos) I am 
truly a Special Ed teacher in my building.  It's okay.  I love it....but I really don't have the background knowledge for it.  So if some of my lessons, or resources, seem low for the "normal" first or second grader, that is why.  I work with what I have and take them as far as I can.  I couldn't be more proud of the growth they make each year! :)

SOO--with that said, allow me to introduce you to my Bingo CLOZE game.

*Note, I have not used this in my own classroom YET--
but it is on my Monday's agenda with my first graders (and maybe a 2nd grade group).
It uses the first 10 Fry words, in a cloze sentence format.
Here's how to play:
Students will choose a game board.
There are a total of 6 different ones.
They will cover their free space.
A reader will be selected to go first.
Rock, paper, scissors?  Closest Birthday?  Oldest?  Dice Roll?
However you choose is fine. ;)
Then, on that readers turn, they will select a card from the face down pile.
*There are 10 cards--one for each Fry word in the set.
The reader will read the card aloud to the group, select the word that completes the sentence, and give the answer aloud to the group.  You can always pull in "does that sound right" and a thumbs up/thumbs down to assess the rest of the group.  Then, students will cover the sight word on their board if they have it.  
First one to get 3 in a row, wins! :)

I have included this Freebie in both color and black/white.
I would love to know if you can use it with your groups, and if you use it, how it works for you! 

You can grab it by clicking the image below! :)
Cloze Bingo

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