Monday, December 5, 2016

Place Value with Numbers in the Teens

Yep.  This is my current situation.

My mother-in-law and I had a discussion about working  this weekend.
There is something so different between mental exhaustion and physical exhaustion--
but when you're struck with is brutal.  
*Side note--I will talk about all this exhaustion on my personal blog later this week--

Today's blog post is going to be a bunch of random--
basically I feel like that's my job in a nutshell.
A bunch of randomness.
Not that I don't plan for my job, I do.
But I get these spur of the moment last minute ideas that 
MAY kind of not be what I wrote down--at all--
and somedays--I think that's okay.

I mean technically, this is what is written in my plans for the next three weeks.

Just kidding--kind of! 😄

Now, where was I?
Oh yes, lesson plans.

My first grade group is working on place value.
Our adopted series is McGraw Hill--My Math.
The unit they are working on begins with numbers 11-19--but I focused our game on 10-20.
This is ALWAYS such a hard concept to remember the numbers in the teens.

I made a Bump game for my kiddos.
I had asked on FB if you would perhaps want this as a freebie, 
and many of you mentioned that it was a hard concept for your students as well.
So--I tried to think of some other ways you could use this activity to get in more practice.

For example, you can use these cards for a game of Memory.

 You could place the tens frame cards in a pile, and students could read it, self check, and color the corresponding number with this activity page.
This would also work great as an independent or small group station.

Or,  you could do what I did--and play Bump.

How we played:
  •  I printed and laminated two sets of the ten frames cards.
  •  The cards were placed in a draw pile for the students.

  • On their turn, they drew a card and read the bottom
  •  They identified the number aloud and self checked themselves with the images at the top.
  • They found the corresponding  number and placed a unifix cube on top.
Now the fun part of the game--the Bumping.
If Player A has a cube on the given number, and Player B draws a card that matches the same spot, Player B can bump Player off of the matching spot. (Remember I made TWO copies of the cards.)   However, if Player A draws a card, and then on another turn, draws the matching card again, he can lock his spot by joining two unifix cubes together.  Once two unifix cubes are joined, that player can no longer be bumped.

The cards were placed back into the pile.
After the spots were "locked," if a tens frame card was drawn for a matching locked number, 
we put the cards into a reject pile and the player lost their turn.  
This added to the excitement of the game, I think. 

My boys, because I only have boys in my math intervention group, (how did I get so lucky? 😂) truly enjoyed this game.  We thought maybe your students would like it too. 

You can click HERE to download your own freebie! :)


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