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Thursday, December 29, 2011


I said that in my Junie B. Jones voice too....don't y'all have your own voice for when you're doing read alouds for her?  I'm not sure if my voice changes as much as I "hear it in my head".  Wow, typing that makes me sound mental, but hey, don't judge! :) 

Thank you all for the great comments yesterday---it made me feel all giddy inside! I LOVE making things to share with other people.  When I was living at home my mom used to say it was kind of a selfish thing....she too loved making things for other people.  She did it because it made her feel good! HA!  If I could only be half way like my momma.....she was an amazing woman! 

AND (I hate sentences starting with and---but) I have almost reached 200 followers!  YIPPEE!!!  If you're reading my lil' ole blog and have found something useful and you haven't clicked this little button:

maybe you'd wanna help a gal reach 200 before 2012? :)  Okay, on with the good stuff!  When I go back to school--our Treasures series uses digraphs wh-, ch-, and tch.  I HATE teaching tch lol.. and of course if you're a Treasures user you know that there's not much in that manual to help with this.  I made up a sort (have I mentioned that I love sorts?) using those digraphs.  You can click the image below if you'd like to grab it.

If you borrow, it would be sweet
if you left a comment as a treat!

Ohh and I posted a little in my TPT store last night.  IF you'd like to take a look, here's a peek.  Hopefully if you click the link it will take you to the store.  Blogger and I sometimes have issues with each other---he doesn't always do what I tell HIM (yes, I've determined it is male, gives me too many hassles to be female lol) to do.



  1. I just used Pinterest to pin your digraph printable! Thanks for sharing with everyone!

  2. Love your posts! I've used every one of your sorts and I LOVE them!
    Do you use PowerPoint to create your work? One more question, who is the publisher for Treasures? Thanks!!

  3. Love your sort, saved it and plan on using it when we return, in... 5 days.

    Thanks bunches!!!! :)

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  4. Thank you very much! I love cut and paste activities!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Let me try this again! Ha! Hi friend! I am still interested in meeting up with some Ohio bloggy friends, and I am so sorry it took me MONTHS to get around to organizing something officially. I am in the Akron/Canton area, but I am trying to figure out if this is more central for people in the nether-regions of the state like Toledo, or if it is easier for you to get to Columbus. Email me and let me know how far you'd be willing to travel. I'd be willing to consider Columbus if it makes it easier for everyone. :)

    Amanda {from One Extra Degree}

  7. Thanks for all the nice comments. :) I love the sorts (especially with the line art as my early finishers like to color while waiting for everyone else to finish up) :)

    Jenalyn, I use both PowerPoint and Word to make my things. For the sorts like I posted today, I feel it's easier to use Word. When I'm making the things with the cuter graphics, I find it easier to add words/text and enlarge/reduce graphics with PowerPoint. Your second answer Treasures is MacMillan McGraw-Hill. As with all reading series, there are parts I like, and LOTS I don't. This is our district's 6th year to use it....just when I am comfortable with it (lol) it's time for a new one.

  8. Thank you for sharing your hard work.


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