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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

One of those Days..and a Giveaway Reminder

Yep, one of those days and I wasn't even at work.  I was home with my little dude (AGAIN). We swore he had strep---little white spots, sore throat, fever-----nope ANOTHER viral infection.  We just did this 2 weeks ago.  The doctor said "First  year of Kindergarten?" (and it is)  His sister was sick this weekend with some type of flu bug...so hubby and I are poppin' the Vitamin C Drops.  Neither one of us have time to be sick if we're taking care of kids (and we're both teachers).  BUT, that's not all we're taking care of...nope...did I ever mention about the time we got a rabbit for a pet (After the market rabbits were sold?) Well, then little dude wanted one too--but it was "crippled", so they exchanged it for us, but let us keep the crippled one too. I said as long as they were all girls--no biggie. Well, we kept them all in one of those cool cages where they could run up and down ramps---big fun, right?  Okay--long story short........ONE was NOT a girl.  Oops----baby rabbits!  Yep...not once, but now twice!  UGH!  One litter is almost ready to go away---and we are trying to "mother" the one from the last litter. The momma wasn't wanting much to do with them.  Hubby is REALLY loving all these animals too, but hey, what am I to do?  I gotta try right?  It's just been a crazy couple weeks around here and I was getting all stressed...you know how that is.....but then I saw this:
And while my problems aren't major---more like nuisances--how true is that?  Then I saw this great saying (I've never heard/seen it before)
How awesome is that?  Puts things into perspective for me sometimes.  Okay, anyways...on with school.  First of all, my giveaway for this wonderful product (below) ends 10:00 PM EST...so there's still time!!  Click the picture to see how to enter---it's SUPER EASY!

We will begin a money unit soon (we're not yet on Common Core---but ya know, I still think this is important--even when we go to CC next year), and we review coins veryday for calendar and we recite the money poems.  I've taken those money poems and put them into a cloze exercise.   You can click the image to grab you a set.

Recognizing the coins themselves is often difficult for students.  I know even my second graders had a hard time last year.  Here's a little spin and graph.  I tried to make it so that you can adjust it for abilities.  I know I will have to in my classroom too.  You can click the picture below to grab the 5 page Spin and Graph activity. 

(update---there were errors on this post---I've fixed it and changed the link, but the image shown will not look like the one you will get in google docs)

So, my questions for the day--
1) How do you handle stress?  (I bake.)
2) What helps you put things back into perspective? (Prayer goes a long way!)


  1. When I click on your money spin it doesn't come up like the other documents (in a google document)and it won't print right...can you help me out? Thanks so much! Love your blog!

  2. Stress? I eat (not very productive)
    To deal with it? I take a moment to think about things...how they can always be worse- how other people are truly suffering, etc- then I don't feel so bad about my daily irritations.
    First Grade Blue Skies

  3. Try again Carla--it should work now! :)

  4. These are great activities! Thanks for sharing. We are getting ready to start money when we get back from break.


  5. Thanks so much! Can't wait to use it!

  6. I love the quotes that you posted. They really make you stop and think.

    When I'm stressed I eat (gotta work on that one).

  7. Oh my goodness! I'm sorry you are experiencing so many challenges this week. I must say the baby rabbits might push me over the edge. I use Windex when I'm stressed (well actually all the time - but more when I'm stressin'). Yep - like the guy from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. :) Hope your little one is healthy again soon!
    Funky First Grade Fun

  8. I loved your quote about troubles so much, I re-posted it on Facebook. Thanks!

    First in Maine

  9. I hope your little guy is feeling better today! I'm home with Little Miss - the doctor had to call in some kick-butt cough syrup so she could get some sleep last night. :(

    Hang in there! It WILL get better! Right?!

    Oh My Little Classity Class

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