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Thursday, May 24, 2012

I think I can...I think I can!

How many more days????????????  I'm trying to think positive here. I even hear Dory in my head.

And no matter how positive I'm trying to stay...well, here it is in cartoon form:

5 more days!!  Hoping they go quick!!  When all else fails:

I hope you are all hanging in there.  I know I am definitely ready for the year to be over.  I came home today 4:00....and ready to put on PJ's.  First time all year I think I've been this exhausted.  

I started making a center packet for our last few day of school, but honestly, I couldn't muster the energy to finish it. SOO----it's in my TpT store for free! 

It's a language workstation with a couple worksheets.  My kiddos are still having a hard time knowing the difference between a question and statement---unless I am reading it to them.  I wanted them to practice this skill some more---and I think they are enjoying it this week, as well as doing a good job with it. 

I did make a few products though over the past week or two.  Facebook fans already know about these, but here's for everyone else:

Though these Making Words packets incorporate some the Treasures spelling words, it doesn't use all of them.  It focuses on a few of the words, review words, and the phonics pattern.  They would be good for non-Treasures users as well.  

I also emailed Denyse from Scrappin' Doodles---I was just dyin' to get "Whack-A-Mole" clipart---and she Delivered!!  Check this out!! 

It's a Dolch Word game.....if you like what you see, I'm emailing it to the first 3 who comment!! :)  Be sure to include your email address! :)

****Hang in there Peeps-----and here's hoping your days are going quicker than mine!


  1. All of these creations are adorable!! Thanks for sharing your summer freebie! Hang in there! Not much longer for you now. :)

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. Whack a Word looks so cute! I bet the kids love it! And thanks for the freebie!


  3. Hi,
    I would love a copy of whack a word

  4. Very Cute!!

    The First Grade Dream

  5. 8 days left and I was just leaving school saying 'just keep swimming, just keep swimming' hehe


    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford's Class Blog is Having a Giveaway!
    My TpT Store

  6. Hi may I use the Keep Calm and Eat A Cupcake picture for my Facebook Profile?


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