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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A peek into my world...

My last post I said I was going to try to start blogging more often.  I felt I've neglected it, but this school year has been quite overwhelming.  There have been things at school, and home that I feel have completely taken toll of me and by the time I get home, and settled.  I'm pooped!

I have a challenging class this year.  I have some behaviors that I've not had to deal with in first grade before.  I have students who weren't ready to come on---hence all the Treasures work I've been making.  I've tried to do what I can, and when they still aren't getting anywhere, I tend to take it home with me....and then there goes the worry and the stress again.  Am I doing enough?  What else can I do?  What else can I try?  I'm sure you've all been there before.  We know that feeling all too well, but this year I have SEVERAL who are in the same boat.  I wish there were more of me, but again, we all feel that way.

That's just my school life.  My home life, of course, is grand. Everything I do, I do in the best interest for my family.  We've had our house on the market for a while now.  It's the time to buy---but apparently not the time to sell.  We've had an offer (two actually--but by the same couple), and it's been an emotional roller coaster.  I didn't realize how hard this would be.

My son, bless his heart, has had a rough start to his first grade year.  You name it, I think he's had it.  *Fingers crossed that we are building that immune system up*  Today, was my 2nd day in a row home with him.  This makes it even harder to go back to work.  Yes, he is in my classroom--and yes, I do see him everyday.  But today, being home with him.  Piddling around the house, baking, playing with him......has only made me wish to be a stay at home mommy!   Again, I'm sure we all have those feelings, right?  

 We had some quiet fun today playing Go Fish, and I just love this little frog game.
*Side note** Thinkfun has a lot of great games.  This little frog game is actually called Hoppers..

Click the picture to see it on Amazon.

**Side note 2**  We also have Rush Hour.  

Click the picture to see it on Amazon.
Both games are great.  Actually, any game by Thinkfun is great (and no, I'm not doing a review for them---honest opinion) :)

Back on topic, so while he was resting, I decided to piddle in the kitchen.  I made this:
Source HERE
The link will take you to a pretty picture, but it's yummy either way! :)  It's chess squares.  I haven't had these for YEARS.  My Grandma used to make it.  Tasting this today really brought home some memories.  Which brings me back to wanting to stay at home, making my own memories, or if not at home.....then here:

 Facebook friends, I know some of you saw this before, but I so want this little building!!  Ohh, you're chuckling about the name?  Yeah, okay....so I'm naive.  My initials are D.D.  I have some friends, and a hubby who completely take that another way---but whatever, right?  It wasn't my intention. 

With cuts being made in districts, and my house not selling----there's a bigger picture right?  I believe that everything happens for a reason.  I'm strong enough in my faith that I feel that I will be led in the right direction in everything I do in life. 

So, if you are still with me through this long post, I wanted to give you a little freebie. 

It's a Whack-A-Game!  YAY!!  
I love my Whack-a-game (Even if I'm the only one HAHA---nahh, my firsties like them too!)
It's played like Whack-A-Rhyme, and the other Whack-A-Games I've made. 
This time we are reviewing blends and digraphs.  
Click the picture above to download it in Google Docs. 

I hope you enjoy this freebie.  I would love to hear from you if you plan on using it! 
 I ((Puffy)) heart love comments. 


  1. I completely understand all of your frustrations and worries about school! I feel them all as well! I wish I could clone myself and had more time in the day to get everything accomplished. I do the best I can in the best interest of my kiddos! I always worry that I am not doing enough and that I could do more but unfortunately there isn't enough time! I agree 100% that everything happens for a reason! I have been through a lot the past few years not to believe this. I lost my job because of budget cuts but likely found another one closer to home. I have been looking for over a year and a half for a house to buy just last week my offer was accepted on the perfect house for me. There has been countless things happening at school but if you believe everything happens for a reason it will work out (may take longer than you would like though)!

  2. I sure do hope your little guy is feeling better soon. I am so sorry you have had a rough year. Gods timing is amazing and when the timing is right you will get that bakery to start selling those amazing treats you make :) And even though I am not a mommy yet, I completely understand how you must be feeling with wanting to stay at home with your munchkins. As soon as the baby comes this lady is staying home and homeschooling. You do what is right for your family and you seem to be making those decisions already :) Hugs sweet friend and thanks for sharing the adorable freebie :)

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  3. I'll start with Thank YOU!! For all the things you make....free or not.....they have helped my class along the way. I know how you feel with the kiddos....they seem to have more problems and needs every year. Hang in there....I know you are a wonderful teacher and your kids will be fine! Our state is making things a pain on all of us....but this too will pass ~ just as most stupid things do. Keep your chin up!!

    Cooperating in First Grade

  4. Hope your baby boy is feeling better - and once you open up that bakery..I want to be there for the GRAND opening, okay!?!?


    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  5. Great freebie! Keep that bakery in your mind! Just think...the year is almost half over! Hang in there!

    Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
    Mrs. Wheeler TpT

  6. Thanks for the game. It looks like a fun one to try as a challenge for my Kindergarteners.

  7. I hope your little one is better. My first grader has also had a rough start this year. I know it's been difficult for you with your house and just know...I do believe everything happens in the right timing. Just not our timing :) One of the hardest parts of teaching is that feeling like we aren't doing enough, but it's always unwarranted. You are a great teacher and are working so hard with your students, progress will come :)

    The Teacher's Treasure Chest

  8. It stinks when our children get sick, doesn't it! I hope he feels better soon. We've all had years like yours...behavioral issues, lack of support/money, "interesting" parents, etc. They can really bring us down. Just keep thinking of your bakery dream. I love the name! No one is expecting you to blog regularly, you do what you can. Take care of you and your family-that's most important! I have mommy guilt from time to time as well. A lot of my friends are SAHM, and there are days I wish I could be too (especially after a rough day at work), and there are times I can't wait to get to work cause my own kids drive me crazy! Hang in there!
    I am off to check out your freebie! My own kids and I LOVE Whack-a Mole!!!!

  9. Hope that your little guy is feeling better! Thanks for this great freebie- my firsties will enjoy it:-)

  10. I'm with you bringing the worrying home! Sorry to hear you are having a tough year. Hang in there!
    Finally in First

  11. I so understand where you are coming from!! I also have a very challenging class this year and after a lot of thinking and praying I have decided to give it up mid year. I so do not want to give it up but when i looked to the months ahead I do not feel I have it in me anymore. I need to start thinking of myself and am not getting any younger so I made the hard decision to retire! I have only 10 days left in the classroom and it will be bittersweet but I feel I have made the right choice for me.There is no help or support from administration where I work so it has been a very rough year so far. Will continue to follow your blog though and would love someday to meet you since we are both from Ohio!

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