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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Counting On--A Math Strategy

Okay friends, some of you commented or sent me messages on the Counting On activity that I did Friday.  Let me explain what we did. First, I'm big on I do, you do, we do and try to incorporate that philosophy into every lesson (though some lessons are only 20 minutes--EEEK!).  

Friday, we were reviewing Counting On.  Our Math Series does counting on from 1, 2 and 3.
We've discussed/it was introduced counting on before in class, but then the following unit was subtraction....so we're back to practicing again and working on mastery of this strategy. 

We used a deck of cards.  I have big jumbo cards from Dollar Tree. 

The jokers were removed from the deck and we played with the face cards and they were worth ten. The cards were divided into two piles.  One pile was the numbers 1, 2,  and 3.
The remainder of the deck was in a separate pile.

Students flipped over one card from each pile.  
They held the bigger number in their hand and counted on.
For example, if the numbers 6 and 2 were flipped over, the student would hold six in their head.
What we do: We say the number and physically touch our head when we say it.  
That's how we hold it in our head and count on with our other hand. 
So students would hold 6 in their head, put up two fingers and say 6 again as they touch their head then touch their fingers and say 7, 8,  This is working for us, and I had to show one of my 2nd graders this strategy too.  She is now moving right along with addition.
The great thing about using the cards, students can self check (minus the face cards.)
They enjoyed this activity.  

Another suggestion would be to use dice and a spinner, or dice and the cards. 
Switch it up.  Make it fun.  Make it engaging.  
Even if you're doing the same skill, try a different manipulative.  
They will enjoy the activity in a new way.

Now, several of you also wanted the sheet that went with it. 
Here's the thing..I make A LOT of my quick sheets at school...during my lunch...
(the same day I use them)---I didn't just say that did I?
I mean I have plans...I know what I'm teaching...I just usually whip something up for math a couple times a week during lunch.  Like this...
So what I'm saying is, it's nothing cutesy (Comic Sans Fonts?) 
It's nothing fancy--(I made the dice--eek)
But thank goodness for the turkeys and border from Whimsy Clips to help save me just a bit.

Click the image above to Download a copy for yourself. 
Enjoy!! :)


  1. Thanks so much for the freebie!! We did the strategy of counting on last week so this will be a great review for them.


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