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Monday, March 2, 2015

Dr. Seuss Math Craft

If you've been following my blog for a while now, you know that I'm good at changing plans last minute, or having those last minute thoughts.  Perhaps you call it procrastination?  Okay, I'm a tad bit of a procrastinator (I did purchase First Grade Blue Skies Let's Celebrate Reading last night, but that's beside the point), AND that is so not the case this time.

My reading groups today (and this week) are all working on Dr. Seuss stories and writing and such.  We made a craft today to get our week started.  *I usually save the crafts for the end when I was in the classroom, but what a way to excite them on a Monday with a craft as the intro lesson! :) 
And yes, I took the time today to let them do a craft with me.  I am always afraid I'm going to offend someone, or make someone think I'm not working hard at my job---but fine motors, and the chatter that goes on while they are creating and working tells me a lot about a child.  Not to mention the excitement factor, the ownership---I don't have any regrets working on it with them during our reading block today.  If I can't celebrate Dr. Seuss and the stories that were created for the beginning reader, then why am I teaching elementary---and elementary reading at that? :)

Here's an example of the craft we made today.
 I found this cute little craft at School is a Happy Place

But I have this one little math intervention group too..and well, I just thought we had to have some crafty fun too.  We are working on coin identification, and we were going to sort coins anyway today, so we turned it into a hat foldable/book.  Whatever you want to call it. :)

We are still working on it, so they aren't completely finished.  
We will finish it tomorrow with the coins under the flap, and then cut out the whole hat. 

Here's what I did:
  •  I found the free template at atozteacherstuff
  •  I cut apart the hat strips to make traceable patterns.  The strips were made in both red and white.
  • I randomly typed the words quarter, dime, nickel, penny and the coin values (And added a box for the students to cut them out.)  To get the cent symbol when typing, hit ALT (hold it down) and then enter the numbers 0162.
  • I used free coin clip art from HERE
What students did
  •  Students cut the patterns.  Glued along the edge to create a flap.
  • Students had to match the word with it's value and glue them to its strip.
  • Students have to identify the coins and glue them.  Coins represented the front and back of each coin.   

I thought about this at lunch time, and with back to back classes, I didn't have much time to make it cutesy.  This was a fun way to get my math group to create a craft too.  They were as excited as I was.
I hope that you can use the idea as well! :)

Happy Seuss Week!!

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