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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Dollar Tree Station-Phonics Time!

 Yesterday I talked about my love for the Dollar Tree!  I shared a super easy sight word station that would be fun and also help with fine motors.  You can check it out HERE!
I have another quick and easy station to share with you today. 

  Using these two items, I was able to create what I hope to be a fun hands-on activity.

 The pool noodles came from Dollar Tree, and the dowel rod was purchased at Walmart.
Here's the size we purchased.

How to Create the Station:
1) The dowel rod was cut into 6 pieces.  
2) Using a kitchen knife (long straight edge), I sliced the pool noodles into slices.
I felt like I was making cookies!  Makes this activity even more fun to assemble for me! :)

3) I wrote 3-4 letters on each slice.  
I made some slices for word families as you can see in the picture above.
I did alternate the colors though--vowels/word families in green.  Consonants in orange. 

4)  Then, depending on the skill, students will create words by sliding the pool noodle slices 
onto the dowel rod.

 You could also use this for blending and segmenting.

 Students can twist the letters and try new sounds for anyone of these skills. 

What Dollar Tree resources do you like to use?



  1. This is such an awesome ideas....How long do they last? I tried something similar with nuts and bolts, the letters rubbed off after a very short time. It was a lot of work for something that didn't last.


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