Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sight Word Reading Fluency

Today in my reading groups, I was able to use the Sight Word Fluency Reads in a variety of ways.  
Check it out!

 In this photo, the student's sight word was went.  
He was able to make and break the word, but was struggling with retaining the word.
It is sometimes difficult for my lower students (I service IEP students, as well as Title
to retain the sight words out of context. We have though worked on a story that used the word went repeatedly.  Today, after working on the word went again, I was able to go to the sight word fluency checks
and he practiced reading the pyramid sentence.  He enjoys reading these and feels successful.
I have to say how proud of him I am.  He is a student with a reading disability--serviced with an Intervention Specialist as well.  He has repeated first grade (now in 2nd).  He knew MAYBE 5 words (3-5 words anyway) on the pre-primer list.  He mastered all of his pre-primer sight words within the first month of school.  I say that's pretty successful for this little guy!!  I'm truly proud of how far he's come so far!

My next group of students were playing our Halloween Boo game.   
This game is played like rotten banana, crash, crazy cat, etc....Anyway
When they came to an unknown word (the word was pretty), we were able to pull out 
our fluency read story and use the sight word in a sentence, get our mouth ready, and use meaning to determine the unknown word.  This, I'm finding, is helping them get those words to stick! :)

Here my students are looking for the sight word the.  
Why is the such a hard word--and is too! 
So they were using wikki stix to find the word I called out. 
The kids have enjoyed these reads.  
I enjoy the simplicity of having a ready resource available for sight words.
My coworkers that I've shared with have enjoyed having something for their lower students to 
put in their book boxes that make them feel successful.
AND they are working!!!! 
I have put both the primer and the pre-primer in a binder.
I separated the sets with a colored piece of paper.
That lets me know where to turn for the group I'm working with.
Each fluency read is in a sheet protector, back to back with another read.
I keep the binder on my guided reading table in my teacher tub and I refer to it daily.
If this sounds like something you can use, click on one of the images below.
Pre-Primer Fluency Reads-First Grade and Fabulous
Fluency Reads-Primer Words-First Grade and Fabulous

Another activity my students have enjoyed this week was playing this little vowel game.

It's a little freebie on TpT. 
You can see it by clicking on the image below.
Medial Vowel Game--Freebie by First Grade and Fabulous

If you enjoy this game, you may want to check out these fun fall packs.
Click the image to read about them! :)

Have a GREAT Halloween weekend!! :)


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