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Monday, December 28, 2015

Fun Links and Apps for your Students

Hi all!  I hope everyone that celebrates had a great Christmas.  I know my family did!  I'm enjoying this time off relaxing and enjoying life.  It's nice to just step back and have a few "do nothing" days...I mean stay in your jammies and just enjoy your family days!  No school work, no housework, --ahh!!  
Today was the first day I've had that since break started.  
I piddled here and there, laundry always needs done..but nothing major.   

My do-nothing day has allowed me time to share a few links with you.  Websites I've used in my classroom, or have ready to go for the Ipads upon return.  I shared them on FB, but I thought I'd link them here too. :)
Simply click the images below.  You will be taken to the FB post where I have listed several sites.
Feel free to share some of your favorites as well. 

Fun Websites for the Elementary Clasroom

Fun Apps for the Elementary Classroom

Enjoy the rest of your break!
Happy New Year! :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Holiday Fun for Intervention

I just wanted to share a quick little freebie, and a few ideas I'm doing in my Title room.  

First, the fluency reads are still a hit.  The kids are still begging to read from them.  I'm like, but you already know those words---then they say, BUT PLEASE....who am I to argue.  
So if you haven't had a chance to check them out, click on the image below to see each set.
**I have not finished the 2nd Grade Dolch list, but I will try to put that on my must-dos for Christmas break.
Pre-Primer Fluency Reads
Pre-Primer  Fluency Reads
Primer Fluency Reads
Primer Fluency Reads
First Grade Dolch Words
First Grade Dolch Reads

One of my groups is reading a story called the Christmas Tree. 
This group does NOT like to go back and find the answer from within the text.
I ask them to show their answer, find their answer, reread the sentence that has the answer--
and they just won't.  I think they think it's quicker to just call out something that makes sense, rather than take the time to find the answer that is evident.  SOOO--
I thought, today, as we were reading---this would be MAYBE a good introduction
on how easy it is to go back and find the details.

The story told about decorations that the children made to go on a Christmas tree.
The illustrations showed how to make the decorations, but it didn't include words.
So as we were reading today, I had a change in plans.  
I thought--Why not try this as an example on how to look at/for details.
Use it as an introductory lesson....
So, we CLOSELY looked at the illustrations.  
We folded a piece of paper in half, made evenly spaced lines on our paper, and tomorrow we will cut, unfold, and add a handle.  I hope this will show them how they can CLOSELY look at the words, and reread as needed to find the details to help prove their answers in class.

 Now for the freebie...my kids love playing find the "whatever" games.
So here's the new holiday collection.
It's called Waiting for Santa. 
You will find the directions in the download.
**I have found that these games also work well with the fluency reads as you can
 refer to a text rather than the word in isolation.
Waiting for Santa-First Grade and Fabulous
Click picture for game.
Also there are several other December freebies on my blog.
Simply click December from any year I've been blogging.  You will find quite a selection of freebies!
I always feel the holidays are a great time to share! :)

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