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Monday, July 25, 2011

All Mixed Up

I'm still thinking how some of the skills in the Treasures series are so difficult for little learners to grasp.  Sentence fragments, word order, possessives?  All within the first unit.  WOWSERS! Some of these kiddos are going to have a hard time with these skills.  I created this to place at a center.  How I would use it:
1) Laminate all pieces.
2) Cut apart the color coded sentences.  Store them each in a separate baggie or container.  I would even use one of those colored circles and number each bag/container 1-8.
3) I would either use magnetic tape and cookie sheets and have them just place the words on the lines---OR I'd give a marker (wet or dry erase) and have them copy the sentence (after they put it in order)
4) This could be used as a self-checking center if you place an answer sheet with it, or as an informal assessment.


  1. Gee DeAnne you are making my job so much easier!

  2. Lynne, I hope that these are appropriate. I may have to revamp some things after school starts, but I'm trying to hit all those skills in the series ;)


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