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Friday, July 29, 2011

Wild About Birthdays!

Soo--my classroom theme this year is Jungle/Safari/Adventure (yes, I know---the cow doesn't go with that at alll---but he's Sooo Stinkin' Cute).  I found an idea years ago online (not sure where the idea originated from, but if you know, tell me and I will give credit).  It was for a classroom birthday book. Basically the birthday child gets to color the front cover of his/her book, while the remainder of the class is drawing a picture for him/her.  I start out "interviewing" the birthday child.  I ask him/her about favorite everything---down to food, then what they would like to have for their birthday.  That gives the birthday child's classmates an idea of what to draw. (Yes, I've seen pink pizza before as a drawn gift..but hey, it's from the heart!) I revamped the idea that I found years ago to make it match my jungle theme.  You can click here to get it! :) 


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