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Monday, October 10, 2011


When I first started my blog, I didn't think I'd have followers--well other than the people who know me--like my supporting husband.  (Yes, he is a follower-lol) Now I have 80 wonderful people that are following my blog.  My goal is 100!! (Why am I so greedy? I'm not the best blogger out there--heck, I don't even remember to take pictures in my classroom...but I WANT followers) I think the next "free printable" I post will be when I hit my goal. Can you wonderful people help a girl out? 

By the way, I posted last night that I opened up my teachers pay teachers store.  There is only one item in there that I haven't posted on my blog...the other items are things I've already made available to y'all.  I have decided (with help from my supportive husband) to sell some materials that I make.  I never set out to sell things, but times are tight---and if you haven't heard of SB5...well, this Ohio teacher is a little worried of what may come of her (and BTW, hubby is also a teacher). HOWEVER, I told hubby that for everything that I make to sell in teachers pay teachers....my goal (and I hate not meeting my goals) is to post a freebie here on the ole' blog!   I hope that works for all of us! :)

So--help me spread the word! :)  100 is the goal (though if I hit more than that--SWEET!)--and in the meantime, I need to LEARN to take pictures of what my classroom looks like--what our work looks like--but knowing me, I'll take in the camera and forget to use it! :)

Have a great week!!! :)

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  1. I'm your newest follower!! :) Good luck as you get to 100. I wanted to add...I'm terrible about taking pics in my room too. I always forget about it, but I really need to get better at it!!

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