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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Missing Parts--TASK CARDS for SCOOT!! :)

In math we've been working on subtraction--finding the missing part.  Our series uses the part-part-whole boxes.  I thought I'd try to do something fun for review--so I made "task cards" for the scoot game.  Another way the task cards can be used is for Math Journals, Math Tubs, Center Workstations--or even ring them and send them for homework practice.

**I've come to love these task cards and playing Scoot with my students, but storage can be quite a pain in the butt quite cumbersome.  I find that it's easy to store them in recipe boxes, and separate them with a colored index card.  You can even use the tab kind and write what you have in each section.  I also know some people have put them on rings and hang them in their classrooms.  My classroom (WHICH I LOVE the storage) is hard to do much with.  It was a jr. high science lab...which means cabinets, and counters galore---but lack of wall space.  Therefore, I like to use the recipe boxes :)


  1. I would love these! I can't find the download.

  2. Sorry I reread the post. I thought you had them for download. Sounds fun! Just started subtraction today.

  3. It's a sign of a long day when you forget to link your pdf file! Thanks for calling it to my attention. They should be available now! :)

  4. I still can't find the download....can you tell me where to find it?? My class LOVES playing scoot!! Thanks so much!


  5. You can read about Scoot (not my creation) on the games section (top header) of my blog! It's just a quick game for review! :)

  6. Mrs. Young, I'm sorry I'm just now reading your comment. Click on the pink word task cards in the post.


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