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Monday, January 23, 2012

Quick Post and a quick giveaway

It's late, and I'm sitting here in bed...and I know that hubby is ready for me to turn off this computer so I will make this quick.  I just posted a 34 page download in the Teacher Store.  It's Valentine's themed.  It has the following activities:

1) Adjective Sort--how many, what size, what color--with recording sheet
2) Oh Cupid--a sight word game that is played like Bang/Rotten Banana/Crash
3) Hundred Box Puzzles-set of 20 (numbered like task cards)
4) Tens and Ones activities

I told my facebook fans last week that I wanted to do a facebook giveaway...so here it is.  What you need to do is answer two questions...I wanna see how well you know me! :)

1) What's my favorite thing to do (outside of school stuff)?
2) Where's  my favorite place to go for vacation?

**I post about both of those questions quite often.  The first 3 people to respond on facebook (with the correct answers lol) will win the Valentine's workstations.

Here's a peek:


  1. I'm guessing here...based on my favorites...lol!

    Favorite activity outside of school baking and spending time with family.

    Favorite place to vacation: beach.

    Hope I'm right!


  2. Favorite activity outside of school: cooking/baking

    Favorite place to vacation: Disney World

    The First Grade Dream

  3. Posted my response on Facebook!


  4. Favorite activity: baking! my new found favorite too!

    favorite place to vacation: beach!



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