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Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Freebie

Happy Friday y'all.  Has your week been as CUH-RA-ZY as mine?  My kiddos today were SOOOOOO talkative.  They must be coming down with a case of spring fever...I know that I sure am!!  Not that I'm counting (3 days left), but spring break is just right around the corner----and again, not that I'm counting we're not far (41 days)  from summer vacation. 

I hope you've entered the giveaway.  You have until 10:00 PM Sunday to enter.  If you haven't checked it out---please click *HERE* :)

So, I hate to say that I'm just winging it next week, BUT---I'm doing what I can to survive until I get some R&R during break.  Here's a center that I hope my kids enjoy next week.  It's a review of doubles facts.  OHH--that reminds me.  Have you seen the doubles facts songs on youtube?

Here's one with numbers 1-5.

And here's one with the numbers 6-10.

If you're a Pinterest fan, I have started a board of kids videos and songs from YouTube, that I (or my collaborative board friends) have watched, so they should be clean (hate that so much stuff has all that filthy language or what not in it). 

Okay, I think my mind is wondering----where was I?  Oh yes, the Friday Freebie.  It's an addition math doubles game. Just add dice, and you're ready to roll! ;)  Students can also fill out the recording sheet and practice ordinal numbers.  Click the pic below to get your freebie from TpT.  :)

So, bloggy friends/followers.  My first week trial of my "scheduled" posts is almost coming to a halt.  Give me your feedback....random posts, or did you like the schedule?  Let me know!

Happy Friday!! 


  1. My kids loooove the doubles songs too! They will sing them over and over. My only worry is that some of them can sing the "Doubles! Doubles! I can add doubles!" part but still have no idea of the actual doubles. LOL!
    I guess it will come for them all eventually.

    The Pinterest board is a great idea! I will try to see if there are any I use a lot that you haven't added already.

    My kids love to sing "Please don't pee in the pool..." just before they go swimming. I put it on for the ones who are dressed and back in the room first. It hurries them along because they just love to sing it.
    It's not really swearing - just toilet humour that appeals to seven-year-old boys. It's not particularly educational, but if they are not peeing in the pool then maybe they are learning something useful...

    The Learning Curve

  2. I have been following you for a while, I love your blog. I sent you an email about using Treasures and you were extremely helpful. Have you ever seen thre website called www.xtramath.org? I found it while blogstalking last week. It's a site to help kids learn their math facts. It keeps track of where the students are and they can use it at home or school. the best part...it's free. I'm just trying to get my blog up and going, I'd love for you to be one of my first followers.
    Kelly @I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher.


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