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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Kindergarten Teachers Should Have Raises....

Yes!  I fully believe that Kindergarten teachers should have raises.  Oh my goodness...the patience, the tolerance, the love.....you all ROCK!!

The tears, repeated directions, redirecting, the lack of being on task---Oh wait! That's me!!

I took on Kindergarten kiddos recently with my Interventions.  Oh my!  See, I can teach first graders on a K level, but K on a PK level is SOOOO out of my comfort zone.  I'm trying here friends.  
I'm really trying.  

It makes it even harder when I'm not sure where they are, or what they are capable of doing.  I only have them for a period a day, and it's hard to know whether or not I will make a difference with them.
We began working on the letter C last week, and after watching videos, reading books, practicing writing/forming, etc...I FINALLY think they got it.  

We talked about letters, words, spaces and practiced reading a sentence about the letter C. 

They really enjoyed this activity.  Today we did a picture sort of beginning C sounds. 

 I had each student draw a picture of something that started with the letter C.  They colored it.  I wrote what it was and we "framed" it on bright colored paper.  We then attached it to a Letter C anchor chart.....which I forgot to take a picture of...check Instagram tomorrow!!  :)
But if you want an independent page, here is a copy. 
 Then we followed up our activity with a Letter C sound sort of their own.  

All of these activities can be downloaded HERE

But you can find a variety of activities in my beginning sounds/activities pack.
I focused on the letters c, m, a and t in both upper and lower case letters.  
One of my closest friends is a K teacher and she said "I want this for ALL of the letters."
I do hope she knows she has to wait a while, as this pack was over 100 pages..and I'm just like a Kindergartener and get distracted easily and lose focus (but we established that earlier!) ;)

I do really like this pack.  It includes a variety of activities and differentiated for students as well.
Included are puzzles, books, sorts, games, and letter writing.

Here's a preview pic of the new pack.

If you're interested, it's listed in my TpT store. Click below to see it on TpT.
Be sure to download a few samples from my blog to see if it works for your kiddos! :)


  1. Thanks for the samples! These activities should work well for my two newcomer 1st graders who are working on letters, and also with my preschooler at home!

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