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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Share (3rd Grade Guided Group)

Since life has been so busy, I thought I'd try to get back into the swing of blogging with a Sunday Share.  It has been a month or so since I've shared a freebie, so hopefully you're in for a treat! :)

First, if you don't use Reading A-Z, it is well worth the investment for several reasons.
One, if you're new to  guided groups/small group reading, it provides you with a guided reading lesson.  I know starting out as a teacher, I was never taught how to do guided reading in my college classes.  And though I feel during my student teaching (16 years ago--EEK), my cooperating teacher did to an extent, well things have changed and so have our expectations.  Having those plans are helpful.  Another reason Reading A-Z is so grand, my kiddos get a book IN THEIR HANDS.  This is a book that they have to keep at home to read again.  So many students don't have that unfortunately.
Ohh, and the amount of books, the variety of levels, the skills you can incorporate and the great variety of non-fiction/fiction...well that makes it pretty super too.  It's no secret that I'm hooked 
(and no, this isn't a paid sponsorship..it's just pure honest me!)

With my third grade group, they are pretty good readers when just reading.  Very little phonetic errors, self corrections as they read, fluent even..BUT the problem lies in what was read.
They have a hard time comprehending.  I've found this has been a problem with many students.

Here's what I'm doing to try to make it meaningful.

First, we are working on non-fiction.  That seems to be the biggest job to tackle, and with state testing, the area that needs the most reinforcement.   I choose stories that are a bit below their reading range, in hopes of boosting comprehension.  This past week we worked on the story
We began with a K-W-L Chart.
Click image to grab a copy.
They seemed a bit confused when I gave them one.  They hadn't used one for a while.
I explained graphic organizers, and the purpose of them.
I told them that I wanted them to think of three things that they would like to know.

I also realized that vocabulary is difficult for them to comprehend.
I know that they enjoyed the Read and Write the Room activity from Christmas, 
so we worked on one again with vocab from this story. (You're never too old for a little read and write.)  We did this as a review after we had discussed the glossary, and meanings of the words.  
I also told them to USE the glossary to find their answers.  I want to teach them to go back and find their evidence, their answers, the definitions.  This is taking quite a bit of coaching for them to do.
*Click on the image to grab a copy*
Freebie from First Grade and Fabulous
Freebie from  First Grade and Fabulous

We also spent time discussing each section of the story.  Reviewing main idea and details.
I used a close-type activity in hopes of getting them to find their evidence. 
There are two pages per sheet as I made it into a booklet. 

The questions asked from the page above helped us to determine main idea and details of a chapter.
They were realizing that they remembered previous information and filling out the graphic organizer was becoming easier for them.
Reading Freebie

We then compared/contrasted.
Reading Freebie

All of these pages went into a little booklet with a cover sheet (just for added cuteness!)
(Plus it gives them something else to do during inside recess--they still like to color!)
Reading Freebie

Comprehension and monitoring for comprehension as they read are improving.

Another thing that we've used to help is Hot Dots.
That's right-they have a variety of skills.
 These are the ones I'm using right now.

I was lucky enough to be funded through Donor's Choose.  We have been working on the  main idea paragraphs from these.  This was a great intro lesson/review lesson to main idea and details.
The great thing about Hot Dots is they are self checking.  If a student made an incorrect response, we worked it out together.  Everyone was able to weigh in with their response and why it was a better choice.  They learn best when talking with each other too. 

I do want to add to my Hot Dots stash.

This is for a pack of 6--making them less than at the store.
Here are a few more I'm hoping to add to my list.


I hope you can use the freebies.  Thanks for following me! :)


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  2. These are awesome resources! Thank you for sharing DeAnne!

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