Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Math Groups and Games

First, I have to say that I know that I blog hit or miss.  It has been VERY sporadic through the past year or so, and I want to thank you for hanging around with me on FB, as I do tend to post there more often than blogging. I do want to say that I feel that I kept up with reading blogs, and creating things when I was spending more time blogging myself.  With that said, I used to teach, come home, blog and repeat.  I felt I was neglecting family, my husband and myself. It's hard to find a healthy balance when you work  full timevso it comes in spurts for me. 

I realized that my daughter is growing up on me. Some of you have watched her grow up through FB, my blog and IG.  She just recently attended her sophomore homecoming and is busy as a high schooler and taking Freshman college classes.  I had a wake up call that she will soon be leaving the nest and I best make the most of it!

My son, and if you follow me on IG (@mrsdavis_76) you know that he has now broken TWO bones in the past 30 days.  Yes, exactly a month apart.  He was seeing a chiropractor for neck problems (we noticed it during baseball season) and the chiro said that he had whiplash from his bike accident when he broke his wrist.  Then, playing football at school, he broke his foot.  He is one expensive child.  We decided that his Halloween costume (not what we originally planned) was well suited for him.
If only I could put him in a bubble for a few more years! 

If you've been following me for the past few years, you know that I have wanted a bakery (mobile or store) for quite some time.  I have been busy trying to get that started as well, and try to create something new at least every other week or as time allows.  I believe in baking therapy!!
This is what I left on my desk for my sub when I had to leave for yet another Doctor's appointment.  Refer to image above this one to know why! :) 
After making this, I ended up with several orders.  It is a 16 oz jar cake made of layers of pumpkin cake, homemade caramel sauce, cream cheese buttercream, and candied pecans.
 (Then repeat the layers.)

Finally, I have been trying to take care of me for the past couple years.  While I may not have lost the weight I had hoped (hence image above), I am physically stronger than I have been in my entire life. 
I benched (smith machine, but still) 180 last week!! I WAS PUMPED! 
I can generally do 120-130 x10 reps, but this was pretty exciting!!  
Hubby said I have bragging rights, so I am going to go with it! :)

Now, if you've stuck with me through all of that, I have some math goodies for you.

Nothing special, but when my 3rd graders said OHHH spinner games, I knew I found a winner!!  
(I worked with them in reading last year, so when I got them for math, I think they expected a game..I had to follow through!) :)

The bump game is only in a x3 at the moment....but there is also a Doubles +1 I was working on with my 2nd graders. For multiplication, they spin the spinner and x3.  For the Doubles +1, they spin the spinner, double it and add one.  If you need directions to play BUMP, I can post them later or feel free to email me at mrsdeannedavis@hotmail.com

I have x3-6 as the spinner page.  My 3rd graders did enjoy this activity.  I hope your kiddos do too.
Click HERE to grab the Bump game, and click HERE to grab the spinner games!

Have a great week!!


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