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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bowling---A Perfect Ten?

So I saw this on Pinterest---it is Jill from Meet the Dubiens FABULOUS idea.  She posted it on Ucreate with Kids.  I love how it's using recycled materials, how it's brightly colored---and above all FUN and affordable.  My own kids have been wanting to go bowling--something I've not done with them...though I guess if I did, I'd have reason to use the gutter lane, huh? ;)  I think this would also be fun in the classroom.  Here's an activity that I think would also be fun in the classroom....making a set of ten adding 3 numbers.  My husband said that I shouldn't call it a "perfect ten"---but isn't it ten-pin bowling?  Who's right?  I'm taking comments---as long as you side with me! lol

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