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Monday, August 1, 2011

Classroom Pics!

I've been spending some time in my classroom---trying to get it ready.  I'm glad I went in today, because I feel like I got quite a bit accomplished.....though not done, it's a HUGE start.  Here's some pics of my room:

My calendar board---We graph weather, make patterns, make change (to represent the day--and I use real coins), practice counting by 2s, 5s, 10's.  We work on place value, days of the week, months of the year, evens/odds----all the regular stuff!   :)

On the blue pocket chart, I post spelling words and vocabulary words.  You can see my dry erase board (which I use a Mimio with---no SmartBoard :( , but this works).  The bulletin board has the Beanie Baby Strategies (still need a dolphin and a raccoon).  I use the Phonics Dance/Wilson's Fundations--so that's what the green pocket chart is for.  You can also see where my guided reading takes place.

This isn't a great picture---but here's a closer view of the Beanie Baby Strategies. 

My Reading Hut..(ignore the cords in the back dangling from the TV---OHH how I hate cords!) As for making it---we (my hubby mainly....mostly....okay, my idea--he did the work) used 9 pieces of Bamboo (Hobby Lobby--$2 each on sale). Two of those 9 pieces were cut in half to make the top and bottom supporting sides. He used a 3 1/2" bolts to attach the pieces. He then put the jute around it to cover the bolts around the corners. We used the bamboo beach mats from Big lots for the sides and back. We just stapled it a few times around the bamboo (Velcro would probably also work nicely). To prevent my floor from scraping (Because my janitors are AWESOME and it's so shiny)---We used square pieces of felt that we rubber banded together to make like a cinch sack. The top is just a decorative fishing net, and then I threw the child's size raffia skirts (from Dollar Tree) over top. 

The zebra stool (bench---which also has storage in it) was purchased at a yard sale a few summers ago---I didn't have a place to put him....hope he works out okay there.

 I love the size of my classroom.  See all my wonderful storage?  It's on both sides of my walls (which makes it hard for a word wall), but I love the roominess....

So it's not 100% done, but it looks A LOT better than it did Saturday! ;)


  1. It looks great DeAnne! 100% more finished than mine! Gotta get in there.

  2. Your room looks great. I love the reading hut, too. It is cute. I am envious of all the storage. You did a great job!
    I am rearranging my classroom. What did you use to stick your bulletin board background paper to the chalkboard (calendar board)? Does it leave any residue when you remove it at the end of the year? One year I bought a roll of whiteboard paper to turn one of my chalkboards into a whiteboard. Yikes! When I tried to take it off at the end of the year it was a sticky mess. Luckily I was staying in the same classroom so I covered it with bulletin board paper and use it into a word wall. I didn't have to do anything to hold the paper onto the board since it was already sticky. I want to cover another chalkboard but didn't want to ruin that one. Any suggestions?

  3. Thanks for the compliments!

    Fran, The chalkboard has 2 large ceiling type tile pieces duct taped together. Then they are wired to the chalk board sliders to prevent from being moved around. Then I just treat it as a regular bulletin board. The teacher in my room previously did it (I think?). I have used magnetic tape on my words to put on my chalkboards before. I've also used foam pads (but they don't hold very heavy things). As for my storage, my room was a jr. high science room before they built our new jr./high school building. I love the storage---but miss the amount of wall space. :)

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