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Monday, September 19, 2011

Good Behavior ROCKS!!

My husband and I were fixing supper tonight when my youngest decided he wanted candy (I think he inherited his momma's sweet TEETH---yes I said TEETH--Because more than  one wants sweets)--He pulled out a package of pop rocks (which yes, he did have to wait until after supper)--and BOOM!  It hit me....what a behavior incentive...yeah, I know---candy is so wrong--but it would only be for a weekly drawing---AND I have a chatty class---AND it's really hard to teach my firsties when they don't want to listen to lil' ole' me! Goodness, I can only imagine their social life when they get into high school-- ;)

My school has a school-wide behavior system in place--and last year I had a Friday drawing for those that stayed on green all week.  I believe I'm going to have to implement that again this year--hence the pop rocks.  I made these cards to give out with the weekly drawing.

**I wish the pictures were a little clearer, but I couldn't find the "perfect" image tonight.

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