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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

K is for Krazy?

Yep!  OH MY!
I am not sure if it's that summer is quickly approaching us, if there's a full moon, or what--but 
I think my kiddos thought K was for KRAZY!  

I'm beginning to think it needs to be for Koffee or Kookies....or something with KAFFEINE!
Anyways---moving on! :)

Today, for the letter K, we did a quick (very quick) activity with Kites.

I drew two kite templates.  One kite was bigger than the other.  The students chose a color of construction paper that they wanted their background to be.  Then we used a piece of white computer paper for the smaller kite.  We folded the smaller kite into four sections, glued it onto the bigger kite, and then began our kite glyphs.  

Students were asked to draw and write the following for their glyphs.
1) One thing they learned this year
2) One thing they hope to learn next year
3) One thing they would like to do this summer
4) One place they would like to go this summer

I forgot to take pictures of a final one, but we added colorful yarn for the kite string, and hung them up after they shared them with the class.  They turned out pretty cute!

I thought that I could even do this as a Get-to-Know-You Activity at the beginning of the school year.
They could do their favorite color, favorite food, favorite sport, favorite inside activity, etc and we could title it Flying into a New Year! :)  (maybe corny...but it would be fun!)

They enjoyed their kites.  I told them that they WOULD NOT FLY, but do you think they listened?  As I was taping the yarn onto them, they were dragging them behind them.  At least they had fun, right? :)  (Yes, I could use a pat on the back for a little sympathy here!) ;)

Here's another little activity you may want to do.  Some of my kiddos have a hard time with some spellings of their sight words.  Below, if you click the picture, you can get you a sight word worksheet on spellings.

We are a Leader in Me district, and we're to review/teach the 7 Habits.  We did a little review on good choices and bad choices (perfect for this time of year too to keep everyone on track!)

We read  Harry the Dirty Dog.

I didn't do anything fancy, but we sorted the good choices and bad choices that Harry made.
This is also a good story for easy sequencing (written retellings), and for antonym discussions.

So what's in our plans for tomorrow?

L is for lollipops!

What a great treat for a review of adjectives! :)

Here is a quick craft for lollipops using adjectives and your 5 senses. 
 You can copy this onto colored paper or have students color in the circles after they write.

How to use it:
1) Tell students they are going to use their senses to describe their lollipops.
2) Doing one circle at a time, have students brainstorm words to describe their lollipop.
Record their ideas on chart paper or on the board.  Students will record on their pages.
3) Students will color the circles (unless it's on colored paper), and cut them out.  
Staple the circle pages together.
4) Attach a craft stick or straw to the back of the last page so it resembles a lollipop.
Don't forget tonight is the last day of the Teacher Appreciation sale on TpT!  :)
We're halfway there friends....enjoy what's left of YOUR week!!  :)


  1. K was for KRAY-KRAY in my room too! I seriously wanted to ask one of my friends, "did you FORGET to take your medicine TODAY?!" Phew! Looks like your kids had fun though! :) That's what matters right?

    Flying High in First Grade

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