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Saturday, May 18, 2013


Ahh, yes.  It's almost upon us now.  I can feel my toes in the sand, and a cold TEA in my hand! I am looking forward to a few days of sleeping in too.  BUT, reality is I still have a few more days of school left.

 I think my firsties are feeling it too.  I wanted to keep them engaged with literacy centers, as I still have running records and other one-on-one assessments to give.  SOO---I looked for some adorable summer graphics and came up with this CUTE set!!

This set includes:
Compound Words
Contractions with is and not
Sight Word Game
Plurals with s and es
Journal Prompts with a Word Bank of pictures
There is a recording sheet or worksheet for each activity except the Sight Word Game.

A lot of you follow me on FB, so you may know my intentions of this packet. 
I think I am truly blessed in life.   These two quotes are perfect for me right now! :)

I feel it's my turn to pay it forward.  

One of my coworkers is going on a missionary trip. 
Both my coworker, and her husband have been accepted to attend a Discipleship Training School (DTS) through Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Kona, Hawaii. They will be attending the Compassion Ablaze DTS. This DTS is a little over 5 months long where they will be equipped and released into the nations to reach out to the lost and broken with the compassion of Jesus. The focus of this DTS is on bringing restoration to orphans, woman at risk, the poor, and those facing injustice while also bringing revival through worship and intercession.  

In order for her to do such great services, they need to raise money to sponsor the trip.  I thought I'd try to see if there's something I could do to help.  I'm  asking for a $5 donation to be sent to the paypal account below in exchange for the summer packet.


When you've sent payment, would you please email me at mrsdeannedavis@hotmail.com with your paypal account name?  I will send out your packet as quickly as I can (hopefully within 24 hours, though I hope sooner).  This offer will stay in effect until 5/30/2013.  
I appreciate your willingness to help me help my friend.  
Thanks so much!!  

How do I use paypal for an email address? 

Login to your PayPal account.  Once logged in you will see blue tabs at the top of your page.  Click the blue tab that says send money.  Enter the email address, and $5.00 as the amount.
 **Though I am sending you a product in exchange for your donation, please don't click on goods/services.  If you would please choose sending money to family or friends--and opt to use your PayPal balance/bank account or cover the 36 cents for the paypal fee. Remember this is a donation and I don't want them to have to cover the costs.  Thanks so much!


  1. What a wonderful friend you are! I'm sure you will help her tremendously! Good luck!
    My First Love

  2. You are so sweet Deanne!! I love your summer pack! I am donating for sure :)

  3. Deanne you are so kind. I am happy to follow such a wonderful caring person in this huge cyberworld. I will be making a donation when I get home later today. Thank you for sharing about this wonderful people.

    :o) V.
    Special Teacher for Special Kids

  4. How sweet for you to donate to her and her husband. Everyone needs sweet friends like you!

    Flying High in First Grade


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