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Monday, October 27, 2014

Donor's Choose---and a freebie or two :)

First, let me start off by saying I posted my first Donor's Choose project.  I was excited to get the news that my project qualified for a Spark Offer.  This means that if someone donates to my project and enters the code SPARK, Donor's Choose will match dollar for dollar (up to $100.)--but only up to October 31.   Awesome, right?  Well, it got better--I then got an email saying that I qualified for a Match Offer from Perry and Donna Golkin Family Foundation.  This one isn't guaranteed, and is limited to time.  So here's where I need your help, if you or if you know of anyone that would like to donate to an eager group of students and provide them engaging activities to hold their focus while still learning, I'd love for you to check out my project or pass on my information. The cost of my project with the help of Donor's Choose and the foundation has really brought the cost of my project.  Please check it out to see how much I need. I would so love to see this be successful.  
Click on the image below to see my project "Readers Today, Leaders tomorrow.


With Halloween in the air, I decided it is time to break out a few new activities for my students.  Below is a differentiated pack that I will be using with my K-2 Students this week. 
First students can use the ABC cards to sequence the alphabet (using upper or lowercase letters)

Students can also match capital to lower case letters

Students can match letter to beginning sound. 

Students will play a spinner game to review past sounds. 

Another group of kiddos will be working with PrePrimer sight words. 
There are a variety of activities included for the word cards including Boo Monster 
(played like Old Maid).  
This group of students are also working on digraphs, so they have a spinner game activity as well. 

I've made a few Halloween sentence puzzles for my kiddos and thought you may enjoy them as well. 
(I've had many positive comments on past Sentence puzzles.) 
Students will put the sentences together and then rewrite the sentence correctly.  
(These sentences are missing both capital and punctuation as that is what 
I'm working on with my groups. :)

If any of this looks like something you can use for your students, please click the image below.
Everything is in one download. 
First Grade and Fabulous-Literacy Freebies for Halloween


First Grade and Fabulous

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