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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Phonics-Making Words-and Bump!

Have you ever wondered-
Why did I quit doing something when I know it worked?
That was me this week. 
It dawned on me.
I hadn't pulled out a making words activity this year.
I've used our Wilson's FUNdations boards and had "like" activities with them making words,
but that isn't what my kiddos need.  My kids need DIRECT instruction to make them successful.
They need a set of letters, and be able to add, change, and delete letters based off of directions I give them.

So I asked myself--why did I stop doing them?
I think mainly it's because I felt a time crunch.  
I wanted to make sure I was hitting the phonics skill they were lacking.

So---here's how I managed it in my 15-17 minute-ish time slot.

For my first graders, I used the Wilson's FUNdations boards.
If you're not familiar with these, they are basically magnetic tile boards.

I used the directions sheets that come with the Making Words activities 
and the students used the magnetic tiles to make the words.  
This took about the right amount of time for our lesson.
As we get faster on these activities, maybe I can bring back the 
letter formation/handwriting portion.
**One thing I will note that my students are struggling with is the /k/ or /c/ beginning sound
We quickly made a little mini-poster that I hand drew.
Of course, the artist that I am, EVERYONE wanted their own copy.
(Love how they made me feel all artistic!)
For you all, though--I will spare you the details and use cutesy clipart instead.
You can click HERE if you want a copy.
Thanks to Bubbly Borders, Whimsy Clips, Creative Clips, KG Fonts, and Dots of Fun for the great images!

One of my 2nd grade groups, though, I have for just a little bit longer.
We were able to work on handwriting (something that a few of them really need).

For this group, we worked closely together.  Our phonics focus is ai/ay.
We did the Phonics Dance chunks too. 
 Students manipulated their letters.
This activity starts out simple--
and then works in ay sounds too.

We stretched out the sounds and listened for the ai/ay sounds.
They realized that a lot of the time the a sound at the end is ay.

We highlighted the pattern in the words we are working on.

Then I had them flip the paper over, and have them try a few on their own.
They wrote it in pencil, then we spelled it together (stretching it out) while they wrote it in crayon.
They were so happy when they had spelled the word right!
Smiles all around---
When they left to go back to homeroom today, they said 
"This was fun!"

OHH!!  I just love it when they say that! :)

If you are interested in more Making Words lessons, check HERE to see a blog post with a freebie. 
OR you can check them out and read the reviews on TpT by clicking the images below.


And many more by clicking HERE

I also made a game to go with this week's phonics skill.
It's just a simple Bump Game.

Basically, you will choose the game board you need.
My firsties were working on silent e and my 2nd graders were doing vowel digraphs.
Winter Bump-First Grade and FabulousWinter Bump-First Grade and Fabulous

I didn't originally design this to share with FB or blog followers, so I didn't include directions.
Basically, students will partner up and on their turn spin the spinner.
They read a word with the picture on which they landed.
If they spin a snowflake, they get a choice.

If you haven't played Bump before, this is how we play:
 Each child takes 10 snap cubes of one color. The partner should have a different color. 
The first child spins, reads a word for the picture landed, and puts a cube on that word. 
If another player’s marker is on that word, it can be BUMPed off. 
If the person that spins has a cube on that word, snap (2) cubes together and they own that word. 
The winner is the player that has the most towers!

If you want a copy of this game, click on a game board above! :)


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