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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Read it, Build it, Write it!---A Engaging Hands-on Freebie!

As you may know by now, from Facebook posts or last night's blog post, I was kind of unprepared for my week.  I didn't know how my week would look with state assessing going on....I knew Monday would be normal, so I was good there.  Then Tuesday, I thought I wouldn't have kids--but I did.  So I just went with the flow...I thought I may not have kids Wednesday, but I did--so I just rolled with it.
I made it to today--winging it--so what's the point in having plans with just one day left to go! :)

I mean I have ideas of what I'm doing--
next week will be different.  I got this. 
Back on track, no assessing...normal routine
(Now watch them pull me for make up assessing or monitoring lol)

I shared this on FB a few nights ago and I had people message me and ask for a copy.

I thought since I was focusing on their vowel sounds for their spelling patterns this week, 
I would make it a quick little activity to make it more engaging and hands on.

I also have some kiddos that need to work on sentence structure, and handwriting-
so this is a quick way to incorporate those skills as well.

I'm sharing our activity for the oa/ow sound.
Here's how to use it.
Picture cards seen below will need to be cut apart and laminated for durabilty.
*Note the word is also on the picture card. 
 The cards will be placed in the center of the table face down during table time or place in a basket if doing workstations.  Students will each draw a picture card. 

They will place the picture card in the corresponding box on their workmat seen below.
*NOTE:  Laminate the workmats  prior or place them into a sheet protector. 

 They will read the word and spell it aloud. 
Then using magnetic letters, letter tiles, letter beads, pipe cleaner (whatever you use for building words)
students will build their word.  Then they will practice writing their picture word.  You may even choose to have them circle or underline their phonics sound. After they have written their word, students will create a sentence with their picture card.  Repeat this activity with a different card. 

Students will love this activity, and it's great for groups because you can easily assist students one-on-one as the others are working.  You can also use this activity as a game for students.  Students can partner up and one can draw the card and name the word, while the other tries to write it on their own (without seeing it).  

If you would like to try this activity in your classroom, 
click here! :)  

If this is an activity you think you could use in your classroom on a regular basis, comment below! :)


  1. This would be great, especially for some of my children struggling with vowel sounds. However, the link goes to spelling songs. :(

  2. Link doesn't seem to be working. :(

    1. The link is working. It was fixed this morning after I was alerted to it going to a previous link.

  3. I love this activity! I am currently teaching oa/ow.
    Thank you!

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