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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Addition Yahtzee

Where is summer going?  I even want to ask where did spring go?  Between softball and baseball, life sure has kept me busy.  One would think that both of those would be over--but my son decided he wanted to try travel ball---and now he's talking Fall ball.  Mom's thinking, it's not even Fall---let's just calm down for one week.  Heck, next week is 4-H judging for general projects--then the fair for our market animals isn 't too far away either.  Life would be simpler without kids, that's for sure---but I definitely think they add some excitement to my life.  As a matter of fact...that's where some of my ideas come from--my kids.

We spend a lot of time camping.  We're always looking for new things for "entertainment" when we go.  Did you know that with kids---camping isn't supposed to be relaxing.  Who knew?!  My husband built us a new Hillbilly Golf set as our old one wasn't very stable.  I love this.  We just store it in an old folded chair bag and it has worked perfectly for us.

 Then that made me realize that I needed Yard Jenga 
Image Source:  Creative Green Living

and Yard Yahtzee
Image Source: Rogue Engineer

Then it hit me---if we like these games as a family, and my students like dice games--
Why not try to incorporate it into the classrom??!

PLUS, I am just LOVING these big dice I picked up from 5 Below.

I thought using these in a jumbo classroom edition of 
ADDITION Yahtzee, may just be the Fun needed in my little room.

I tried this out with my daughter too. 
I needed to know what direction to take this idea, what would work, and what wouldn't.

I think I finally came up with directions that will work with any student needing to practice basic math facts.
I also included a CHALLENGE that will use all 5 dice. I thought this may be a good review for my 2nd graders in the fall.   In this version, students will be encouraged to make a set of ten in hopes of adding numbers easier. I even have a big tub that they can roll them out onto the floor. FUN, right? :)
 Regardless of the version you choose to play, it will be a fun way to get students adding and writing equations.  AND--Best of all....it's free.

Addtion Yahtzee-First Grade and Fabulous
You can click the image above to grab yours off of TpT.
Please remember that feedback is important and encourages more freebies! :)

**NOTE, you do not have to play this game with the big dice. 
It will work just as great with dice in a little lidded container! :) 

Thanks for stopping by!! :)


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