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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Reading Stuff---sight words, blending, segmenting---STRETCHY

First, I'm going to ask this...have you ever planned your guided reading groups and then only had 1 kid at the table?  That happens A LOT with one of my groups.  The bad thing is, I never know if I will have a group or not.  Therefore, I am "winging" last minute lesson plans so that I can work 1-1 with the student that I do have.  Luckily, I have the Fry Fluency Reads to help me out.  As the student is reading, I quickly have time to grab some materials for one-on-one.  Plus, it's a great warm up, it helps me hear if the child is fluent, needs sight word help, if they are decoding unknown words, if they are using picture clues, etc.
 On this day in particular, I focused on sight words.  
I quickly jotted down a few sight words she was having trouble with 
and made a little practice sheet.
This added great practice for reading fluency as well.
Just simple, but meaningful.

Then, my next group only had 2 kids in it.
Where were my kiddos people?
Truancy is a huge issue for the students I service, 
and yet, somehow, we as teachers are responsible for the student's academic growth?!
Anyway, it was a good time for me to try our our sight word game.
The kiddos LOVED it.
It's a close type Bingo game.
Students read the sentence, determine the missing sight word, and
 all students playing cover the word on their board if they have it.  
They asked the next day if they could lay it again.

You can download a sample copy of this Fry game HERE, and 
because my students enjoyed it, I am in the process of completing the Fry first 100 set.

So, when I finally had a full group to introduce a new strategy too,
we brought in Stretchy.
My kiddos have been using Stretchy A LOT already.
In fact, my second grade groups rely on him too much..
so this little Stretchy lesson was used as an intro lesson to Chunky Monkey for them.
*Stay tuned for that in another post soon.

Anyway--Stretchy was a big help for me as a teacher.
Just like any other reading strategy, I introduced him with a story.
Modeled how I sound out unknown words, and then put back together.

Then we discussed stretching out with a rubber band that I hesitantly gave my groups.
We practiced a few words while stretching the word.
*Note, these are differentiated to meet my groups abilities.
These are the words we tapped out.

Each group had 3 different cards that we practiced together.
I simply folded the picture along the line and held it together with a paperclip.
We stretched out the sounds while using the rubber band, and then I unfolded it to check our answer.
 Then we practiced  stretch reading the words words without the dots.
Again, based on their level:
I wanted them to practice the sounds in words while writing also.
We practiced writing our words with our stretchy snakes.
 Again, for differentiation purposes of my students, we have different letter boxes on our snake.
I held the card up, or laid it on the table, and students named the picture.

 (HUGE Thank you to Creative Clips, Whimsy Clips, Educlips, Pink Cat Studio,  Scrappin Doodles,
 Ashley Hughes and KG Fonts for the graphics too!)

 So far the lesson was really opening my eye to some student deficits.
Blends--ending blends--is still a hard concept.
Those little letter boxes sure did help my students stretch those sounds out to get a letter in each box!

The next day, I wanted to warm up with a Stretchy activity.
I wanted to give the students a word by stretching out the sounds myself, and see if they could put it together.
---I had them draw the picture of the word I stretched out.

 After they drew the word, I wanted them to stretch it out themselves to see if they could write the word.
Guess what?? They did!  
Breakthrough...It  is happening--even with that pesky suffix s that some of my students have trouble with!

Some other great things that are helping us with blending is this little pack.
Phoneme Blending
Click the pic to see it in more detail.
Here it is in action!

 For some fluency fun with CvC words, as a warm up and a Hey, my group is half gone activity--
these are PERFECT!!!!!!  

We practice the word family words, and then we practice them in context and for fluency/expression.
These are BIG fun.
You can see them in more detail by clicking the image below.

And finally---everyone likes to color the decoding helper that is our focus strategy!

If you like the Stretchy activity I did as my mini lesson, you can grab your copy by clicking the image below!
Have a great week!! :)
Stretchy Snake

and more Stretchy HERE!




  1. Where can I find the Fry Word Bingo? It would be a great activity for my group! The link takes me to the Eye Spy game.

    1. I just checked the link. It does lead to a sample of the Bingo game. Read through the blog post. You should see it. :)


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