Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Reinder Reindeer (A Christmas themed reader)--AND a Freebie

Several years ago I created this little reader for a group of firsties I had.  They loved it! 
I have used this little reader every year since--and now that I teach Title, it is just the perfect fit for my kids.

Here is how I use this little activity.
First, I introduce the vocabulary with a read and write the room.
I not only use this as our vocabulary for our unit, but it gives us review of proper letter formation --
something that many of my students struggle with.  
We use Fundations, and the program uses the words sky line, worm  line, etc.  
We review these words and also talk about them being tall letters, short letters, and letters that hang. 

Then we work on sight words.  
There is a roll and write activity included, should that be a skill that your students need. 

Some groups use the picture matching activity.
This is also a good lips the fish activity--and teaches them to look at the whole word.
For example, both Santa and snowman are listed words.
We review that names begin with capitals as well.

I have used this activity AFTER reading the story as well.
Students go back to the book and find the matching words and match pictures that way.
What a good intro activity for having them learn to go back to the text to find answers!

Then of course, we read the story.
What's great about this little reader is it's predictable text, repeating pattern--
and to make it easier for some of the more difficult character names, when it is printed in black and white, the images align in the book and you can see it "hidden" beneath the image of the page you are reading.
It makes them feel super smart that they know what the next image is--AND can read it! :)
Then of course, we do the sequencing and writing component--
but I unfortunately don't have an image of that as it is tomorrow's lesson. :)


Below is an overview of what's included--

You can click the image above to see this on TpT--and read feedback from others.
While reindeer are on the brain, my first grade math group is working on tens and ones.
I made a quick activity for our lesson tomorrow that maybe you could use for a math station
 or teacher table time as we head into the last days before Christmas break. 
Included in this freebie is your I can statement card with center directions.
 You have 12 tens/ones cards with matching feed sack numbers to help assist for self-monitoring.

 And the recording sheet!

I want to KG Fonts and Creative Clips for the ADORABLE Graphics in this set! 

If this is something you can use for your students, 
click on any of the images for this activity above to download your own copy.  
If you download it, please leave me a little comment so I can see where all it has traveled! :)

Happy (we're getting there) almost Friday!!

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