Monday, January 9, 2017

Back to Life--Back to Reality

Okay, am  I completely dating myself with my blog post title?
*Still singing*
 Back to life, back to reality Back to the here and now---
now I make up some lyrics because for some reason, I never remember song

Okay, anyway---
We just had our OFFICIAL first FULL day back since Christmas break.  We had an inservice last Wednesday, and started back with students Thursday, only to have an early release due to incoming weather.
Then Friday, with weather and cold---we were closed. 
Friends, let me tell you---the first day back after vacation is BRUTAL.  I felt like I was dragging by 10:00. 
But, I survived---and all in all,  it was a good day.

Before we left for break, my firsties were working on place value.  I wanted a fun little game to review with them before moving on in our lessons.  They truly enjoyed this game, and wanted to play it again.  

Tens and Ones Freebie

 How I played with my group:
They had to draw a card and read what it said.
Example:  4 tens 2 ones. 
Then they had to tell me what number it made.  42
Finally they got to put the piece on if it matched.  If it didn't match a game board (as there are 6 and I only had 3 in group today), then we put it into a discard pile.

I am glad I played it this way because I got to hear who needed more guidance.  For example, I have one that is still struggling with numbers in the teens.  He wants to read 50, as 15--and has that confusion for all tens, and teens.  We will definitely continue working on this for him. 

If this game is something you think you could use, please click the image at the top with the game directions.
Have a great week!!


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