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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Well, it hit me again as I was baking in the kitchen----I tell ya they say that stressed spelled backwards is desserts...and apparently that's my problem.  I made Snickers Cupcakes and they were HEAVENLY, but that's a different discussion. 
Okay---A few years ago I saw a great idea for behavior on Proteacher.  I did it with my chatty class and it seemed to work well though they still talked A LOT.  I have the same type of class this year...sweet kids, but hard to get focused and equally hard to get them to listen.  I revamped my Behavior Bingo board, and the prizes.  I focused it around my jungle theme.  I am going to introduce it tomorrow.  I also noticed that there were some SUPER behavior cards made at What The Teacher wants that would go great for these angels that stay on green each day.  Here's the Behavior Bingo.  Have a great week!!

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